Captain Qwark

       He wants people to THINK he's a hero, I am actually going to be one.  

-- Captain Qwark



Very little is known about the life of Captain Qwark prior to the Exo-Genesis event. He awoke on a harbor buoy on the Keystone city side of the Center-Key Sound. It is believed He, along with many others, had received their new abilities and with no knowledge of how to control them ran, flew, teleported or otherwise transported themselves miles away in some cases thousands of miles from their homes. Qwark had an additional complication, he had lost all memory of his identity and his past. He made his way to the harbor and caught site of himself in a storefront window. He was dressed in a green body suit with a symbol on it that was somehow familiar to him but he could not place it. At that moment a young boy on a fishing trip with his grandfather, recognizing the costume from his Ratchet and Clank video game called out, "look grandpa, it's Captain Qwark." Captain Qwark is a psudo-villain in the ratchet and clank video game whose only desire is to increase his celebrity hero status. A rush of vague memories was triggered in Qwark's mind including memories of Blackwater city. He attempted to locate the city but the giant megapolis was nowhere to be found. He returned to Keystone City to look for clues. During his search he looked into a toy store and saw the gigantic display for the new improved Furbies. He suddenly remembered his video game alter-ego's plan to repair his tarnished hero image by cleansing the world of the protopet menace, never mind that he had covertly caused the menace to start with. So he began destroying the display and the entire store with it. Wally West, the Flash, arrived in moments and seeing a costumed individual causing wanton damage tried to stop him. Qwark could fly and was super strong and possessed a number of powers to control time and space. Of course Qwark had no idea how to use his powers, which made his actions very difficult to predict, and at Flash speeds predicting where your opponent will be is crucial. At one point a lucky shot from Qwarks time dilation field hit the flash as he was running across the Sound, though he still perceived himself running fast he was barely moving and without his momentum he sank into the water. Unable to respond due to the time field he continued to try to breath underwater. The sudden inhale filled his lungs with water and stopped his heart instantly. Qwark saw the Flash thrash, spasm, stop moving and begin to sink. He instinctively knew he could not let the someone die even if he had been an adversary, so Qwark retrieved him from the water and began CPR which was having no effect. Hypothesizing that this man who could move so fast had a very fast heart beat he used his own enhanced speed to force Flash's heart to Pump thousands of beats per minute, and from deep inside of himself a pulse of electricity shot through his hands and into the prone body. Flash sputtered awake. The turmoil passed and, a seeming bond formed, the two men began to talk instead of fight. Qwark told Wally what he remembered and what he had been doing in the toy store. Wally giggled and brought Qwark to his house. He turned on his children's' video game system and popped in the disk. The Ratchet and Clank game began and Wally showed Qwark from where his memories had come. Qwark did not know who he was if the only memories he had weren't real. He began to panic when Wally's 2 children, Jai and Iris, came home from school. Jai went crazy over Qwark, exclaiming how cool he looked and Iris asked if he was one of the new heroes. Wally having been busy with Qwark all day hadn't seen the news about ExoGenesis. The Twins' teacher had put on the news in class so they told the two men about Bytenight.  Jai asked again if Qwark was going to be the real Captain Qwark now? Inspired Qwark responded, "No, I'm going to be better. That guy wants people to THINK he's a hero, I'm actually going to BE one." To which Wally told him, "You already are. Because of you my kids still have a father... I don't think you get more hero than that." Qwark and the Flash did a thorough search of all Qwarks belongings, of which there were few. The most relevant discovery was an invitation to a costume party. The invite had gotten wet when Qwark dove into the Sound but it was readable. It was post card sized with a picture of Laura Croft on it, it had the date of the night before on it and said to come dressed as your favorite video game character. On the back was written in marker "Jeremy, Be there. If you forget this time, then just forget me. You know where." No other clues to his identity were found; his costume was custom made and the costume party had been an underground event promoted secretly to avoid having to obtain licenses and permits. Flash searched all of Keystone City and its sister city Central City but found no evidence of any such party happening there. In the following weeks Qwark began his training as a hero under the tutelage of the speedsters and in his free time he would try to find his home and friends. He scoured the missing persons directory looking for himself even though Jay Gerrick had already run him through the JSA facial recognition software and found no matches online, which was shocking considering the JSA computers could access all known databases and to find a person with no digital fingerprint was one in millions. Qwark wrestled with submitting his picture and story to the press but decided against it when he realized how it would affect his ability to be a hero. He took turns sleeping on Wally, Barry Allen, and Jay's couches until Barry was able to get him a job at the CCPD in the evidence room. He took the name Jeremy Bolt based on the lightning bolt in the Captain Qwark logo and continued like this for a time fighting crime along side the Flashes all the while maintaining and establishing the identity of Captain Qwark.

Braniac invasion

When the Braniac Ivasion began Qwark knew he had to step up his game. He still had no idea who he was but knew what he wanted to be. So despite not having much he moved to Gotham and took up residence in a SRO in the mostly bottled section of town where rents were the least. Now with a base of operations he was able to start to fly his own flag. He had noted new supper hero and super villain groups beginning to form so they might team up against common foes. He formed The Saints. He recruited several members including Exosprite, The Gegnome, Tarot, Dreadnot, Tarantulous, Fluff, Macromaid, and Sperman. These were fine members and the team was working well. Jeremy was working afternoons now at a local drug store so he took on the very late night patrol hours and it was during these hours that he kept running into several heroes with the name Vox. He would fight beside them quite a bit over the next month. One day after restoring power yet again to Strykers Island he asked one of them, Vox Eterna, to join The Saints. He was resistant at first confessing that Qwark might not like what he gets. Qwark, though, was confident so Vox agreed on the condition that they take it slow as he had trouble with new people. Qwark then asked if Vox Eterna knew the other Voxes he'd worked with. Vox flinched and reluctantly admitted that they were his brother and sister. Qwark was very pleased to hear that and said they would be welcome in the league as well if Vox and they agreed. Qwark called a first ever meeting of the league to let everyone know about Vox and that he'd be making the rounds individually to meet everyone since he wasn't a crowd person. During the meeting, Dreadnot revealed himself to be a sleeper assassin for The Fallen and killed everyone except Qwark revealing he had been learning everyone's weaknesses for an occasion just like this but since he couldn't find a specific weakness in Captain Qwark he'd have to take him out the hard way. The fight raged on and on but as time passed it was evident that Dreadnot was the more seasoned one on one fighter and Qwark was beginning to loose ground. The fight was all but over and Dreadnot was about to deliver the Coup De Gras when Qwark grabbed a shuriken off the ground where The Gegnome had dropped it, and plunged it into the calf of Dreadnot while at the same time using his Energy expulsion power to send an electrical pulse into the villain circumventing his ice armored skin and incapacitating them both. Moments later Vox rushed into the room having received an alert on the Saints Wave Carrier sent by Tarot moments before she died. Vox found Dreadnot and Qwark unconscious but did not know that Dreadnot was responsible; he assumed it was an attack by some enemy. Qwark had introduced Vox to Dreadnot days before and they had fought a group of Braniac sentinels together, so Vox thought he knew that dreadnot was a friend. Vox got the two off the floor and to a place he could look at them to determine if their injuries were severe enough to call in Dr Mid-night. Vox used his JLA communicator to call the tragedy in and seek guidance. Dreadnot woke up and knowing more seasoned heroes were on the way wasted no time. He began to pummel Vox knowing that Vox was a glass cannon, capable of great destruction but unable to take much punishment. He also knew that his own ice powers would render him immune from many of Vox's attacks. He left Vox beaten on the floor and encased him in ice so he could finish off Qwark. Qwark started awake as Dreadnot approached and flew into the air beginning to rain down Time bombs from the ceiling while trying to avoid the grabbing hands and ice shards. Vox, still encased in ice realized what had happened, who the enemy was and how they had been betrayed. The beating he had just taken along with seeing the bodies of his dead league-mates and watching Captain Qwark fight for his life lead to Vox losing his very tenuous control over his alters. Immediately as if by magic Vox Eterna had become Vox Anna, out of the corner of his eye Qwark saw it happen. It was all the distraction Dreadnot needed to get a hold of Qwark and crush him to the floor and render him unconscious again. Vox Anna broke free of the ice block and came running full speed at Dreadnot. Confused and thinking it a trick of Vox Eterna's psychic powers he prepared himself for a mental attack only to be hit full force by a very physical blow followed by fire engulfing his whole body. Vox Anna's fire powers and raw seething anger along with her impulse control issues result in her killing Dreadnot whose ice defenses were no match for her. Qwark awoke and found her in the corner rocking and crying over what she had done. Where he again witnessed a transformation, this time into Vox Dominae. "What the Hell are you?!" Qwark asked and Vox tells him the very special nature of his powers and what he/they can do. Vox and Qwark agree that what Anna had done was justified if not completely heroic and when the JLA arrives they simply say they were attacked by The Fallen and that the other members of the Saints were killed in the attack. They conceal the truth about Dreadnot's treachery and Vox Anna's role in his demise. For the next several months Qwark gets to know all of the Vox alters and as a group they are doing quite well keeping some of the smaller issues at bay. But Qwark still feels like something is missing and wants to make a bigger difference. Brainiac is still causing havoc and he feels they are barely putting band-aids on things let alone fixing them. It is at this time that Vox comes to him and tells him of the Brainiac infiltration of the Batcave. Batman has called on all his allies to help him regain control and Vox is one of those allies. Qwark agrees enthusiastically to assist. The men enter the Batcave's outer cavern through the auxiliary hatchway where almost immediately they are met by robotic drones and turrets determined to stop them. They battle wave after wave of Batcave defenses all controlled by Braniac until they finally make their way into a large open mine cart track exchange where there is a gigantic spider like creature which Batman developed in case a large scale riot ever broke out in Gotham. The fact that this is a prototype that has never been tested does not stop it from beating the duo down. The only thing that saved them was Oracle and an emergency teleport when their life signs began to weaken. The two attempt to breach over and over and are always stopped in the same place with the same results. Vox felt he owed something to Batman so he was determined to be the one who gets the Batcave back for him. Qwark knows they can't do it alone so mindful of his recruitment failures with Dreadnot he opens negotiations with some fellow League leaders in an attempt to combine resources.

Shadow Clan

Three Leagues were merged into one: the Saints, the Blackguard, and Shadow Clan. Qwark was named tactician of the new league, which maintained the name Shadow Clan with Fritz taking on official leadership responsibility although the three former leaders were to be a council on important decisions. Over the next few months Shadow Clan became a dominant force. They were able to regain control of and defeat the auto defenses of the outer cavern and rescue the Bat family from the control of the Omac Virus. They were able to penetrate the inner sanctum of the Batcave where they excised the corrupted brother eye from the system and they were able to track the Brainiac hack point to a buried data node in an adjacent cavern where they were able to defeat Braniacs Avatar itself. Qwark found himself happy here, but he still wanted to know who he was. All this time and still no one had come looking for him... no parent, no spouse, no job, no one. It was like he had never really existed. He tried to put ideas like this aside and just focus on his mission, but while his life as a hero was never better, outside the suit he was floundering. During all his free moments he would fly to a different city or town and walk into business after business, now dressed in street cloths, asking if anyone had ever seen him before... no one ever knew him. He would then fly home and most days go straight to work and after work would go directly onto patrol with Vox. He would sleep 3 hours for every 48 and most of that was during breaks at work. Jeremy couldn't keep a job and was on the verge of eviction. He had been let go from 2 drug stores for poor performance and errors related to his exhaustion. One such mistake had him price an entire shipment of "Fair Play diapers for terrific pre-toddlers" at ¢19 instead of $19, a mistake that wasn't noticed till every last unit was sold. An oversight that led to nearly the entire staff being fired including himself. He had just gotten a job at Van Hormel Industries' Spurkey plant and was struggling to juggle the many facets of his complicated life when Brainiac launched his second major offensive; this time against Superman and the Fortress of Solitude. The former leader of The Blackguard and now officer of Shadow Clan, Repulsor, who was mentored by Superman was very eager to assist. So Qwark began to assemble plans on how the core members of Shadow Clan could infiltrate one of the most secret and well-guarded structures in the world. It wasn't long before he realized that he couldn't be everything for everyone. He couldn't be a hero, support himself, serve Shadow Clan and hold onto his past as well. So he spent one last night searching for his past and when he came up empty he let it rest. He put aside the oversized green costume he had been wearing in hopes that someone from that party so long ago would recognize him. He donned a new sleeker outfit with less garish color but he kept the name and logo as a reminder of who he was now and of what he had lost. With his new focus it took Qwark no time at all to develop a plan of attack for the fortress. He designed the plan around the strength of Repulsor who was by far the strongest of the Shadow Clan. It required precision timing and full commitment from the 8 members tasked with making the run. Starkiller and Fritz would form an impenetrable wall of fire and ice as they advanced forward driving all the robotic security into bottleneck positions where Qwark and Owl would lower their defenses with stun attacks while Repulsor and the newest league member Sofaking would rain death down on them, through it all Vox Dominae and Lisianthus would be holding up the rear and providing support as they possessed the strongest skill at battle field medicine in the league. The attack plan was ready and agreed upon and set for the following Sunday. That Sunday once everyone had arrived Oracle teleported everyone to the entrance of the fortress where superman was waiting. Superman was to open the way and provide distraction for Brainiac so the group could infiltrate more easily. The path was opened and the assault was begun. For a time all was going well, the wall was holding and the Kryptonian security was falling. But then as all was going so well it all fell apart. Qwark had memorized the map of the underground tunnels that lead into the fortress and was guiding the way. At a fork in the path Qwark instructed the group to go left but Fritz insisted that the right fork was the way and barreled ahead. The rest of the group didn't know what to do so Qwark told everyone to stay together. The group caught up with fritz where Repulsor grabbed him and tried to pull him back to the group as vox was draining his mystical reserves to cast uninterrupted energy barriers to protect everyone from the bolts of death and deadly punches being thrown at them. Fritz continued to argue that they were on the correct path despite Qwarks repeated pleas for him to listen. Fritz pulled out of Repulsors grip and swung at him, Repulsor dodged and sent a gut punch into Fritz doubling him over. When Fritz fell he fell around a corner and saw that this path had indeed been a dead end. When everyone managed to get around the corner they realized their plight. All they could do was attempt to fight through the now alerted and reinforced security, infiltrating was no longer an option; escape was going to be difficult enough. As the group began to reform ranks for the fight back to the surface Vox could hold out no longer under the strain and collapsed, his shield falling at the same time. A pulse beam shot through the air and struck Sofaking just above the ear and he fell. Lisianthus rushed to the two downed heroes and attempted to use her powers of nature to infuse their bodies with adrenaline and healing herbs but found that Sofaking was dead and Vox was unconscious from strain but otherwise alright. Qwark urged everyone to stick with the plan but Fritz was too panicked and didn't think the group could make it with two less. Repulsor was determined for them to get out and gave them a great chance by calling forth a volcano from the ground that stunned or destroyed all the advancing enemies. The attack provided an opening that as a group they could wedge open or it was large enough for one. Fritz saw the opening and took it, leaving everyone else behind he rushed through the mass of stunned or downed enemies and never looked back until he reached the teleport coordinates. The rest of the team now three men down were left in a terrible spot; Repulsor had used nearly all his strength to call forth the volcano and even with Lisianthus providing a pheromone boost he was barely standing. Starkiller was preparing himself to bear the brunt of the onslaught when searing beams of heat began to cut down the enforcers and a familiar red and blue outline appeared in the tunnel. Superman had seen the volcano and knew something had gone wrong so he broke off his diversionary attack and came to check on the group. He helped them all return to safety. But the price was high, now aware of the weakness in his fortification Braniac increased the strength of all the security enforcers, turrets, drones, and dominators in the FOS. The next day the youngest member of The Shadow Clan was laid to rest in the same graveyard as former members of The Saints, Fritz did not attend. The entire league confronted Fritz following the service. When everyone returned to the league meeting hall Repulsor's name had been scratched out of the ledger. Repulsor enraged and not prepared to live with the consequences left rather than face Fritz. Everyone else wanted to know why he had broken the plan. He responded by saying, "I am the leader, I do not follow. You follow me. If you had followed me out instead of screwing around you wouldn't have needed to be rescued". Qwark explained that there were men down who needed help. Fritz proclaimed "as leader I have to make tough choices and sometimes the week must be left behind so the strong can survive." Vox ripped off his Shadow Clan communications insignia and threw it in Fritz's face as he walked out the door. Qwark continued though asking why Repulsor had been removed from the charter. And Fritz explained that Repulsor had defied him in front of everyone and as leader he can not allow anyone to defy him. Angered, Qwark labeled Fritz a dictator and told him "it was never meant to be your league it was meant to be our league".  Referring to he, Repulsor and Fritz. Fritz responded "you two were never good enough leaders, I had to take over or we would fail." Qwark took off his insignia and threw it on the table.

The Blackguard Saints

Vox and Qwark sought out Repulsor and insisted to him they wanted to help him and Superman purge Brainiac from the fortress. The three formed a new alliance and in honor of their former leagues named it The Blackguard Saints. In the days and weeks that followed every other significant member of Shadow Clan departed and found their way to The Blackguard Saints. Now with a full team of his own Qwark began work on a new plan to conquer Brainiac. With the increased patrols and enhanced security Qwark was coming up short until he was contacted by a mysterious figure who had hacked into his mainframe. The failure of their previous attempt had been broadcast by Brainiac, heavily edited to the villains favor, to dissuade any other attempts. The mysterious figure had analyzed their strategy from what was shown and was willing to provide additional back up, but he was unwilling to reveal himself as he feared it would cloud Qwarks judgment about his intentions. The mysterious figure assured Qwark that they shared a common enemy in Brainiac. With the further information and planning of the mysterious figure and Qwark’s not insubstantial planning skills a new plan was conceived. On the surface the plan looked precisely like the last plan except this time only Starkiller would take point using his ice form to protect himself from the heavy assault, Qwark and Owl would again stun and disorient the enemies but this time Repulsor would be joined by Vox Eterna and Spartan whose combined destructive power could level any foe in moments. Finally with Vox Dominae unavailable Lisianthus was joined in medic duties by the fictional forensic detective Gratos. Again they infiltrated via the tunnels and again Superman provided a diversion. The octet cleared their way through the tunnels defeating wave after wave of increasingly powerful adversaries. After freeing the Fortresses’ guard dog and defeating his jailer the group entered the fortresses main chamber. The journey had been very taxing and Qwark was unsure if they could continue to push through. He was about to call for the retreat when the mysterious figure arrived and revealed himself to be Lex Luthor. Seeing the betrayal the team readied themselves for a fight when Superman arrived having destroyed the Brainiac control ship that had been over The Fortress. He and Lex came to a truce and agreed to work alongside each other and the Blackguard Saints until this crisis was resolved. Inspired by the presence of Superman Qwark and his team were renewed, and even though they hated to admit it they all felt they had a better chance with Lex in the fight, Qwark though was secretly wary. The group fought to the portal for the Phantom Zone where Lex revealed his intention to release General Zod and while everyone was fighting he did just that. Zod joined the group and the addition of another Kryptonian powerhouse propelled them right through Brainiac's second avatar and freed the main computer and power core of all traces of the malignant cyborg’s influences. Knowing his usefulness was done Zod snuck away to release his cohorts Ursa and Non and gain control of the sunstones. Before he was able to escape with them another hero appeared. Miss D, determined to bring down Lex Luthor had followed him to the Fortress and been assisting the assault from the shadows. When she saw Zod attempting to escape she sealed herself inside the sunstone matrix chamber with the three Kryptonians. Ultimately the heroes and Lex were able to defeat Zod. Following the fight Superman sent the trio back to the phantom zone. Miss D launched herself at lex who without even acknowledging her flung her aside as he made his way to gather the sunstone for himself but Superman was ready for such treachery and contacted Oracle to teleport him away. Qwark recognized how lost Miss D was and despite her young age offered her a place in the new team. The blackguard Saints had proven themselves. They were recognized by the justice league in a ceremony that was televised around the world.

The Trivium

With the new fame and recognition, at least to their hero selves Qwark and the blackguard saints were kept very busy with calls for help domestically, internationally and even galactically. When parallax attacked Oa for example Green Lantern sought out help from the Blackguard Saints, similarly the Kahndaqi government begged the Blackguard Saints to intervene when Felix Faust had robbed them of their "savior" Black Adam. In the year that followed Qwark proved himself to be a capable and just leader. As one third of the Blackguard Saints' trio of leaders, the Trivium, Qwark now took responsibility for mentoring new and old heroes who joined their ranks as The Flash once mentored him. He also had the responsibility of assigning missions and tasks to members of the group even if he sometimes knew that mission could cost them their lives.

A new threat

Jeremy was still struggling but had found a balance in life with the support of his league. He had managed to maintain his job and home and despite the absence of his past was finding a type of contentment in the routine of his life. Then routine was shattered when brainiac launched his final attack this time attempting to break the stability of magic. The justice league enlisted the blackguard saints to travel to Themyscara and breach the gates of tartarus to prevent Brainiac from further disrupting the balance of magic, while they attempted to maintain order in the land of the living. With no time to prepare Qwark and his team had to rely on their training and knowledge of each other to get them through. Wonder Woman and Circe guided them and they fought with strength and courage ultimately defeating Brainiac's third magical based avatar. Several newer recruits were instrumental in the victory among them The Wizard and 4NLegend who provided clutch support when Circe decided to put an end to their alliance. But there was a cost. In the fight the gates of Tartarus had been destroyed and the guardians of the portal fell. With no barriers in place wild magic was set free and continues to escape into the earth plane causing upheaval and havoc.

Crisis in Time

Threats were continuing to mount and when suddenly A future version of Lex Luthor and a future versoin of Batman brought a war that was spanning across all of the planes of realilty to their universe Captain Qwark and the Blackguard Saints knew they needed help.  They found another group of gen-exos, very similar themselves who had been "helping' Patrol the streets of earth.  The bully busters, lead by the brother/sister team of Shannony and AdTank seemed the perfect team up opportunity for the Blackguard Saints.  That is until Qwark discovered somthing called the "Fantasy Strategy".  The war with Future Lex and Future Batman was leaving scars all over our universe.  The paradox rifts needed to be closed.  In order to do this teams had to decend into the rift and battle through the creatures there.  Once inside the living heart of the paradox had to be destroyed.  The heart ussually took on the the form of a very large globular creature of imense power.  S.T.A.R. Labs science division concluded that this meant that the paradoxes were not only growing but becomeing more and more sentient.  They also discovered that the creatures often contained within were not native to the paradox.  Instead these creatures were citizens of other timelines that had been disrupted by the battles being waged by Future Lex and Batman.  As their worlds were destroyed the only escape became taking refuge in the paradox, which then corupted  and twisted them, this process was irreversable.  Qwark believed that becasue these creatures had once been innocent they should be swiftly dealt with even if that was not the easiest method.  The Bully Busters had other plans.  The Blackguard Saints were known for dispensing justice, retribution and even vengence but they were not cruel.  The Fantasy Strategy was cruel and showed the Bully Buster's true identity.  Sadists at heart the Bully Busters had been trapping creatures in small ares or cages and then attacking them one at a time to prolong the agony.  Thirteen times they had used this torture technique to close the paradox, trying to keep it secret from Qwark and his team.  One portal remained and they had one final chance to "play".  But this time Qwark was ready; he and Vox entered the portal after them and stopped them from abusing the poor creatures, killing it quickly instead.  In the end they closed the portal but the Bully Busters were angered that they could not use there final "fantasy strategy" on the 14th portal.  Soon after the portals were seeled the Bully Busters began to disapear, it is unknown what has become of them.

Joining the Corps

The Sinestro Corps War was waging throughout the universwe and everyday the Fear Corps was increasing their numbers and allies.  They had recently inducted the Cyborg Superman, Hank Henshaw, who had been named the king of the Manhunters.  Also new emotional power rings were manifesting.  The red rings of rage appeared as did the Blue of Hope.  In the midst of this chaos the Guardians of Oa began a conscription program to draft willing heroes into the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps.  Captain Qwark was one such hero.  His conscription notice arrived along with a ring.  He took the ring placed it on his finger and read the conscription: "in brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight, let those who worship evils might beware my power, Green Lanterns Light!"  With that he was transformed into one of the now thousands of Corps members.  He traveled to Oa where he received specialty training from Stel.  Qwark was a quick study and made friends among the corps quickly.  He fought side by side with Blue lanterns and green in some very close battles throughout the galaxy.  Upon his return he was just in time to find that Vox had been infected by a red ring of rage.  Using his contacts amopng the green and blue lanterns he was able to help Vox to gain mastery over the red ring.  Equiped with the most powerful weapon in the universe Qwark is now able to even better protect his team and his world from whatever is next to threaten it.  Qwark knows the new threat is coming and even as he continues the clean up of the crisises of the past he knows it is only a matter of time.

Powers and Abilities


Event Horizon: A protective force engulfs allys strengtheining them and offering protection

Tachyon Burst: Dellivers strength to allys over a duration while also striking enimies

Temporal Distortion: Turns back the clock allowing used strength to be reused

Singularity: Creates a area of increased gravity and slowed time that eventually explodes

Alcubierre Wave: Picks up and throws enemies

Pocket dimension: able to store and access near infinite amounts of arms inside a small dimensional rift

Green Energy Ring: Capable of creating hard light constructs as well as beams and shields


Bow Proficiency

Hand to Hand Combat

Comprehensive knowledge of  military tech and future tech

No personal history
PPCIV 21015

Captain Qwark

Real Name Unknown
Current Alias Captain Qwark
AliasesQwark, Jeremy Bolt
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Shadow Clan, The Saints
Base Of Operations.Chinatown, Gotham
Marital StatusSingle
OccupationLexmart Employee
Weight190lb (86kg)
Special FeaturesRed Beard
Created ByJeremy LaFond
The Rules

Buu Man