The Rules

Half Gallon

          Pray all you like, but they usually send me to answer those prayers... soooo... I'm thinking the answer is... No. 

-- Half Gallon



One of hundreds of seraphim sent from heaven to act as guardian angels.  Of course Seraphim are not angels but are mearly servants.  HafGalla was assigned to a young child born unto a very troubled family.  The child had prayed every night to be sent a protector from the turmoil of life.  Angelic protectors are always sent with just enough strentgth to assist with the dangers of their charges.  A young child would recieve a lesser angel as the care necessary warants little involvment outside the mundane.  HafGalla arrived and the child immediatly took her for an "imaginary" playmate, unable to pronounce her name the child called her instead Half Gallon since she had arrived at breakfast time with cereal and milk the prefered meal.  The two became great friends but the longer that HafGalla'el remained on the earthly plane the longer she was dissatisfied with the actions man was conducting against man, she tried often to interfere where her young charge was not involved and was too weak to affect the world.  All that changed though when Her charge was struck by an exobite and underwent exogenesis.  As the child's strength grew so too did HafGalla's in accordance with heavenly law.  The child grew to become a calss 8 metahuman with powers equal to Aquaman and as a result HafGalla was thrust into the Angelic Host becoming not just an angel but an archangel.  With powers beyond that of most beings on earth and now with the angelic name HafGalla'el she fights daily to help the world and the poeple within it.  She still maintains her watch over her young charge but now she needs no protecting from the outside but only from within.  The young girl's only enemy now is her own power and human impulses.  

Using the name Half Gallon, The archangel HafGalla'el joined the Blackguard Saints in order to keep on top of important crisises and assist when possible.  It is unknown when or how but soon after her elevation to archangel HafGalla'el gave birth to a son.  She was not permited the right to raise the child due to angelic law and therefore surendered him to the family of her angelic charge who raise him as their own. The responsibility she has to this family allows her to keep watch over her son as he develops.

She still must watch out for her young charge and the rapidly growing powers within her but HafGalla'el sees it as her duty as well to watch out for the collective soul of the Blackguard Saints who are heroes on the edge of villainy due to their outlook on vengance and punishment when justice fails.

Powers and Abilities

PPCIV 21015

Fire manipulation

Flames of penence




Fighting skills

Bladed weapons


Subject to her charges call

Bound by heavenly law

Angels are neither male nor female instead they are able to take whichever characteristics they like at any given time, Due to HafGalla'el's charge being female HafGalla decided female gender would be best and she has stayed with it. 

Half Gallon

Real Name HafGala'el
Current Alias Half Gallon
AliasesHG, Gallon, Hafgalla
RelativesSon (identity unknown)
Affiliation..Blackguard Saints
Base Of Operations.Unknown
Marital StatusUnknnown
OccupationGuardian Angel
Weight111lb (50kg)
EyesTranslucent Blue
Special FeaturesFirey wings
Created ByJack

Buu Man