The Rules


         Awww, Buddy...  

-- Jolt



"We are an army, We Remember, We Retaliate, We are Coming." Were the last words John Potter typed on his Fully Encrypted, GPU optimized, Xeon Phi Processor on bytenight. The tag line a standard closing to any hack he committed these days since forming Incognito, the worlds preeminent hacktavist collective.  When he had begun he had only hoped to teach a lesson to some overly aggressive internet trolls but over time he realized he could make an impact and maybe do some good.  From that first day alone Incognito had grown into a massive self policing headless organization determined to help the world in spite of itself.  John rarely hacked anymore instead offering suggestions on the Incognito message boards and allowing other "Incogs" to run with the ball.  But that day was different, the hack too important to leave to others.  He was going to cripple the technological operations of Several government programs using super powered beings to further nationalist agendas; Checkmate, the DEO, The Suicide Squad, The great Ten and others.  But just as he was about to upload the virus an exobit crashed through his window and struck his computer.  John was caught in the resulting explosion.  The exobit merged with his computer causing both to malfunction, in a tenth of a second the exobit rewrote the computers operating system to be compatible with biological interface but at the same time the xeon phi processor rewrote the exobits primary function agenda.  The result was an overlap; the exobits agenda to "seek living individuals to provide superpowers" had been reduced to "seek living individuals" while the upload virus command of the supercomputer was still in the buffer.  Just before overloading, the two devices sought out the only living individual in the area and uploaded the virus to it.  John was struck with energy beams not consistent with exobit technology his metabolic processes were altered and he was "infected" with a computer virus both technological and biological.  It would take him weeks to recover and for his body to adapt to the new status quo it was operating under.  But once the sickness passed John realized he could no longer operate computers normally.  They would glitch if his fingers even came near a keyboard.  Over time he realized that the he could crash any system he wished even at a distance as long as he had sightline on it.  Exobit scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs discovered that though his powers had been caused by an exobit John was not a genexo, he was rather something else.  A metahuman like the Flash whose abilities had come from a perfect storm of circumstances.  Also they discovered that John's abilities were viral in nature.  John was the carrier of a unique form of virus that affected digital machinery and when properly manipulated could carry electrical charge.  More than that the virus was biological and could enter the body of others and provide regeneration or fight disease. 

John decided this was his chance to really do some good, as a hacktavist he had made a small contribution but as a superhero he could make a real difference.  But his path to heroics was cut short by a visit from Amanda Waller.  She used his girlfriend Nicole, another Incog, as leverage against him.  She had manipulated evidence to show that it was her that had planned to attack the government superpower divisions.  Waller promised that the best case scenario was that Nicole would go to jail, Waller had killed others before to serve the needs of the United States.  To protect Nicole, John agreed to opperate as checkmate's on duty field medic.  Months passed and John became more skilled with his powers even learning to throw lightning.  He was miserable being isolated and used as a pawn in Waller's sick agenda.  Then one day he saw her, a news report was discussing the new brigade of green lanterns that had been conscripted from the population of earth.  And there was Nicole with a green suit and a power ring, flying through the air.  He knew this was his moment he had one chance to get free of Wallers control.  Now that Nicole could look out fro her own physical safety all he had to do was git rid of the evidence against her.  He broke into the Checkmate server farm and using his powers caused a catastrophic system failure and fried all the hard drives and redundant backups to the clouds around the world.  He walked into Waller's office, threw his security access Id on her desk, and quit.  Before leaving he fried her personal computer, cell phone, digital frame, and fitbit; just for spite.  He left saying "I am an army, I remember, I retaliate, I can return; Dont try my patience"

Now that he was free of obligations he and Nicole now known as the green lantern corps member Nictastic traveled the world righting wrongs.  soon a costume followed and eventually he would take the name Jolt as a double meaning.  Not just jolt the measure of energy but the feeling you get when you know you are doing something wrong and you just got caught.  After bouncing around for a while as a duo Nic and Jolt decided to join a group of other superheroes as was popular at the time.  Support got you the big missions and also added to your survivability.  They joined the Anonymous Project and found great success until several of the key members disappeared while fighting a creature from a parallel dimension named Destiny.  With The Anonymous Project all but decimated several attempts were made to reinvigorate it with new life but it wasn't the same.  Jolt knew he and Nic needed back up.  She was on high alert while the Black Hand was raising Black Lanterns all over the world and the dangers were multiplied by Trigon manifesting into reality at the same time.  It was then that Jolt sought out some long time friends and allies, the Blackguard Saints.  They welcomed him and Nic with open arms.  He has been fighting the forces of evil and wrong with them ever since.

Powers and Abilities

Unique Physiology allowing for hosted virus to carry electrical charges

Manipulation of electrical Fields

Throw Lightning

Solid State Static Conversion

Computer manipulation

Concentration of bio-electric charges to affect rapid healing

Some control of electro-magnetism


Hand to Hand

Hunger, Virus must be charged and charge must be generated from consumed calories

Losses control of powers in wet/humid environment

Submersion in water leaves him completely powerless


Real Name John Potter
Current Alias Jolt
AliasesErf, Johnny Wellens
RelativesNictastic (girlfriend)
Affiliation..Blackguard Saints
Formerly: The Anonymous Project 
Base Of Operations.Global
Marital StatusInvolved
Weight202lb (91kg) 
HairDk Brown
Special FeaturesNone
Created ByJohnny Potter 

Buu Man