The Rules


      I can break you and heal you and break you again and again until your worst pain is a fond memory.

-- Lisianthus



Mariposa Angel lost her mother when she was 7 years old and was raised by her dedicated yet emotionally crippled father. Her mother had told her the best stories. At a young age she had learned about faeries and tree spirits and the guardians of the planet’s life. On her death bed her mother told her that she would always look after her and if she couldn't she would send someone who would from the Fae lands which reside beyond death. One night 21 years before the events of bytenight an 8-year-old Mariposa was woken in the night by a strange noise. When she investigated she was delighted to see a faery in her backyard. She snuck out and followed the faery into the woods. She followed the creature all the way across the river and out of her hometown, Cuidad Comoda, and into the neighboring Cuidad Juarez. She was lead to a bakery with delicious looking treats in the window. The bakery was closed but the faery unlocked the door and let her in. She gorged herself on all the treats she wanted and afterward, exhausted from the long journey and stuffing herself, curled up in the corner and fell asleep. When the baker arrived in the morning he found his displays empty and the little girl sleeping. He beat her and called the police. The police took her into custody and wanted to know how she had unlocked the door and disabled the alarm. Unable to provide them with an answer other than "the faery" they locked her in a room by herself for 20 hours with no food or water or facilities before they finally gave up and informed her father of her location and her crime. A police psychologist theorized that Mariposa had been kidnapped by someone and left on purpose in the bakery. Possibly she'd been abused, they would never know because the baker had beaten her so savagely. The psychologist further theorized that Mariposa’s mind created this fantasy about a faery to escape from the trauma. When her father arrived she was filthy, bruised, and inconsolable. In a rage her father attacked the police and broke the bakers neck in the middle of the police station. He was arrested and sentenced to life in prison. With her mother and father gone Mariposa was sent to live with her uncle in Fawcett city. No matter how much, over the next 7 years, Mariposa insisted the faery had been real no one would believe her. At age 15 her fascination with fantastical creatures and fairy tales had gotten so extreme her uncle sent her to a specialist who was teaching a semester at the Fawcett College, Jeremiah Arkham. After several extreme treatment sessions with doctor Arkham, Mariposa reluctantly began to doubt her own memories and began to behave like a normal girl her age. However, when she went to college her fascination reemerged. Mariposa was now able to seek out classes that suited her interests and in turn earned a doctorate in anthropology. Cryptozoology became her primary focus and as a result the anthropological community at large marginalized her as a fringe scientist. But the emergence of superpowerd beings proved to her that mainstream science didn't have all the answers so she persevered; she would prove to the world and to herself that what she had experienced had not been a delusion.


In the aftermath of bytenight strange reports were coming in to news media around the world: Sightings of mermaids, unicorns, chupicabra, and the like. The early theory was that these were gen-exos who had been affected in physiological ways by the exogenesis, but Dr Mariposa Angel was convinced the exobytes had bonded not just with humans but with all life on earth causing mutations or even the reemergence of extinct or mythological species. Of course the legitimate scientific community shunned her for these hypothesis but this was not her first time being ridiculed. She ran to every so called sighting she could find, most of which were, as assumed, just exobytes twisting human bodies to their own needs. Mariposa received numerous humanitarian awards for her work helping deformed gen-exos rejoin society and gain acceptance in their new forms. Her search to confirm her theory continued though until she arrived in southern Mongolia where she found a tree that had gained sentience. It could move and was responsive to touch and sound waves. She spent 6 months with it teaching it how to communicate using sign language. Since swamp thing and poison ivy had already been able to facilitate sentience in plants her work was largely ignored. Her next quarry was a report from the Vatican that something was living in the bell-towers and was dropping stones and bricks on the worshippers in St. Peter's square. When she went to investigate she found that the gargoyles on the cathedrals had been imbued with life by a large concentration of exobits that fell over the holy city. At least 5 of them had left their perches and were roaming throughout the city. They were very friendly and non-threatening much like a dog looking to be petted. They had not been throwing stones but instead had been eating the mortar and had inadvertently loosened some of the brickwork on the ancient structures. This loosened mortar had caused a few structural mishaps. Her examinations yielded a great deal of information about the creatures including their metabolism and reproductive process, which was intact but glacially slow. Intellectually she was able to determine that the gargoyles would eventually learn to speak and read if encouragement was provided; to that end she helped them establish "ward of the Vatican" status wherein the church would raise them and educate them in hopes that they would contribute to the Church in the future. Her work in this made her an international celebrity and media darling; the respect she had sought was finally hers.

Becoming Lisianthus

No amount of fame or respect could give her what she really wanted though and that was proof that Faeries were real.  She restlessly searched the world for any evidence of a faery, trip after trip, country after country, report after report, never settling in one place long enough to create any semblance of a life. She was called to Caramanga, South America the location of a long dead Incan tribe who according to legend possessed a portal to another world where the residents were “as birds.” The locals reported small flying people killing pets and livestock. Encouraged by the reports and the local legends, Mariposa raced to the village to finally find her evidence. She insisted on exploring alone, supremely confident in her safety among the faeries. While exploring she came to a field of flowers where she tripped over a faerie incubation pod and fell to the ground. Moments latter she heard a small voice scream "no" just before a baby faerie bit her. The bite killed her instantly. When she awoke she was floating over her dead body lying in a field of Lisianthus flowers. When she examined herself she realized she was flying and was the size of 2-liter bottle, stunned she stopped her wings and began to fall. A faerie swooped in and caught her in an embrace and began to shower her with affection. "Mariposa" shrugged the tiny woman off and now standing on her own lifeless corpse began to weep uncontrollably begging for an explanation. The faerie woman, also upset, introduced herself as Chrysanthemum Bunny and claimed to be her mother. She explained that in an ironic twist of fate faeries as guardians of the life forces of the earth are born without life force of their own. So upon a faeries birth it must learn of its own dependence on life by "merging" with another living creatures life essence. It is the faerie parent's responsibility to find a suitable donor for their offspring. Chrysanthemum could not explain how "Mariposa" was still alive as it has always been that a faerie can not merge with a human due to the complex intertwining of life, consciousness, essence, and being that comes with sentience; attempts to do so were not only considered sacrilege in Fae culture but would kill both the human and the faerie. Faeries after merging are empty canvases to be taught and filled in the same manner as human children but contradictoraly all that had been Mariposa had been transferred into the tiny faery body, her memories, her consciousness, her life, her personality.  Always an anthropologist "Mariposa" searched for answers to the mystery surrounding her creation and found it when she noted that the incubation pod "she" had tripped over had been constructed with exobits. Chrysanthemum commented that she had used them because she liked the way they sparkled and wanted her baby to see something pretty when she was born. Traditionally faeries are named for their incubation field and their life force donor, so Chrysanthemum named her Lisianthus Mariposa. Chrysanthemum was very saddened by the circumstances but still took Lisianthus under wing and taught her to fly and use her nature wielding abilities, which were stronger than other faeries by a hundred fold. "Mariposa" still had a hole in her heart left from when her mother died and was more than willing to let Chrysanthemum fill it. The two flew all over the world together exploring and assisting life, until Brainiac came and began to steel life from the earth. The two went to protect the sacred Fae gardens outside Ciudad Camoda where the last functioning portal to the Fae lands was. When the two arrived the gardens were already under attack. Every faerie was attempting to save what they could and flee through the portal. Chrysanthemum and Lisianthus were able to hold the Brainiac forces at bay long enough for everyone to get through and as they were rushing through themselves a line of Brainiac Elite self destructed blowing Chrysanthemum through the portal and Lisianthus onto the other side of the enemy line from the portal. Knowing she could never make it through the portal before the enemy and that the faeries would never close it if they knew she was still alive she played dead. The portal was sealed from the other side with no way of opening from the earth realm; she was left alone amid an oncoming storm of Brainiac forces. Lisianthus rose from the ground and prepared herself to fight. She called trees, spores, and vines to her aid but the Brainiacs were tearing through all her strongest attacks as if they were nothing. Then a warrior arrived... He was monstrous. A hulking beast at least 10 feet tall and 6 feet across made entirely of ice. He froze the ground causing the enemies to fall over then he froze them solid allowing Lisianthus' vines to shatter them. When the battle was over the warrior seemed to melt down to human size and shape, he mentioned that he knew Mexicans were little people but that she was ridiculous and introduced himself as Starkiller. The two realized how strong a combination they made and resolved to stick together.

Shadow Clan and Failure

Starkiller was recruited to the Shadow Clan and insisted that Lisianthus come as well or he would not agree. Fritz, the leader of Shadow Clan agreed. Lisianthus distinguished herself in Shadow Clan becoming their most effective battlefield medic; no one ever fell on her watch. That was until one day in the Fortress of Solitude. The Shadow Clan had been asked by Superman to help remove Brainiac’s corrupting influence from the structure. The league strategist Captain Qwark had developed a strong plan and eight of the strongest members of the league were chosen to engage in a covert assault of one of the most well guarded structures on earth. As usual she would provide any healing the group would need should they take injuries during battle. But this time she was to keep particular watch over the health and stamina of the front line for if it fell the whole team would follow, Vox Dominae would provide additional medical help but he was mostly responsible for maintaining protective shields over the team and weakening the will and physical condition of the enemies. They entered the caverns and for a while everything was going according to plan but then the group came to a fork and started to go in two directions. An argument began but with all the noise she could not tell what was being said. She had to fly back and forth between two cave extensions to keep everyone standing and Vox Dominae had to stop handicapping the enemies to focus on keeping the now increasing in size shield up. They were taking too long, Brainiac had control of the Kryptonian security systems of the Fortress and the group was now being engaged from each of the paths they were going down. Reinforcements had arrived into the areas they had cleared behind them. Vox could no longer keep a group shield and had begun to try to keep each person shielded individually. When Qwark noticed this he grabbed Repulsor and Starkiller who had broken off into the left path and returned them to the fork where Vox was now stuck trying to maintain sight lines on both splinters of the team. Fritz and Sofaking were now quite far up the right path barreling ahead through a small pocket of light resistance with owl who noticed the widening distance trying to slow them down. Lisianthus was still trying to maintain both fractured halves of the group, using her small size and agility to avoid danger. Qwark yelled down the path trying to get them to return but fritz insisted he knew the way. Qwark and the others including Vox and Lisianthus begun to follow down the right path to get the group back together. The enemy reinforcements coming from behind were staggering and the group need to get to an open area to fight effectively otherwise they were going to be overwhelmed. When the two halves finally got back together the arguing began again and Fritz tried to kill Repulsor with an attack that bounced off the shield Vox had cast. Repulsor, much stronger by far, responded by driving his fist through fritz's shield and into his stomach doubling him over. Not knowing what to do but knowing it was her job to keep everyone alive and on their feet regardless of how their injuries were sustained Lisianthus removed fritz's pain and mended his broken rib. The healing staggered the already woozy fritz causing him to stumble around an upcoming corner and he paled. When Lisianthus looked for herself her breath caught, they had fought their way to a dead end. More accusations and arguing started and Vox and Owl who were at the rear began to try to fend off the forces now catching up with them. Dozens of enemies seemed like thousands in this closed space and every deflection off of a shield was showing on Vox's face. Lisianthus tried to pump up his stamina and adrenaline but before she could he collapsed under the strain. At that moment as she caught his falling body and the shields fell a pulse beam struck Sofaking above the ear and killed him instantly. Never having let anyone fall before and now having two within moments of each other she froze up until Qwark grabbed Vox and threw him over his shoulder and yelled for her to come along. When she looked around she realized Fritz was gone, the sun was coming through the ceiling, the enemies were scattered and Superman was leading them all out. Later she would learn that Repulsor used all his strength to call forth a volcanic explosion that cleared away a wave of enemies and that Fritz used that moment to run away. Superman saw the explosion and rushed to their aid.


She could not attend Sofaking's funeral, she felt it was her fault he had died. She went to visit Vox in the watchtower recovery chamber to apologize for failing him but found only his sister there recovering from injuries of her own. So she apologized to Vox Anna's unconscious body instead for almost getting her brother killed. The next time she saw Fritz he came through the common area of Shadow Clan HQ and walked right over to the league charter. He used one of the claws on his armor to tear through Repulsor’s name on the list of members as he continued into the conference room. Later things got worse when Vox Eterna, Captain Qwark and Repulsor arrived to confront Fritz about the failed mission. Repulsor saw the charter and turned and left immediately. Vox and Qwark continued into the conference room where a large argument could be heard. Vox left first throwing his shadow clan insignia on the floor as he exited the room. Not long after Qwark did the same. Lisi, as people had begun to call her, especially attuned to people's emotions could not take the discord and still racked with guilt did not know what to do. Vox, Qwark, and Repulsor formed a new league and offered her a place but she didn't know if she wanted people depending on her again and in shadow clan Fritz had stopped all league missions. She still wanted to be a force of good in the world and protect life as her faerie instinct dictated. What she didn’t know was she had reached the age of faerie sexual maturity and her libido was increasing against her will. So as she patrolled nightly she found her self becoming more and more sexualized, she altered her costumes to near transparency and nakedness and would often leave patrol to flirt or have rendezvous with anyone she found attractive and willing. Her size did not deter her. One night while on patrol in Gotham she saw Vox Anna get ambushed by Solomon Grundy near Robinson Park. The two women fought the zombie for nearly an hour before finally sending him back into Slaughter Swamp. When the fighting was done Vox Anna thanked Lisi for saving her life for a second time. Explaining that had Vox Dominae died she would have died too. She went on to say that instead of running off and leaving him for dead like Fritz had, Lisi stayed by his side protecting him with her swarm shield until they could be rescued. Lisi had not even remembered she had done that. Now inspired, Lisianthus went to tell Fritz she thought they should get back into the fight with Brainiac. When she got to the conference room all the furniture had been rearranged. The chairs had all been removed except one and it was on top of the table with Fritz sitting on it. Fritz insisted he be called The Fritz or Leader and dismissed her before she could even say what she wanted. As she left Starkiller came storming into the room. A huge argument could be heard through the closed door. Starkiller left soon after and began to pack up his things. When he was gone Fritz came out into the common room, picked up the charter and tore it to shreds. He announced that he was the only member of Shadow Clan and that anyone else who wanted back in would have to prove themselves worthy. Lisi asked to speak to him since she hadn't gotten to make her point before. He said he knew her point since she was not able to think for herself and only able to follow others, he grabbed her tiny body and tore the tiara with the Shadow Clan insignia off her head and stomped on it. She called a vine in from the garden that wrapped around his throat and lifted him off the ground. “Do not mistake my small size for weakness. I can break you then heal you then break you again and again until the worst pain you’ve ever known is a fond memory.” She said with ice in her voice, He released and she left shadow clan.

Blackguard Saints

Lisianthus found her way to her friends and joined the now fully functional league the Blackguard Saints. Over the next weeks she did nothing but strengthen herself so she would never have another fallen comrade on her conscience. She even stopped dating. She developed her powers to such a sharp point that she could very nearly bring back the dead, which was good because the Backguard Saints were sent a class-one mission assignment by the justice league. When she saw that the mission was an assault on the Fortress of Solitude she flew off without saying a word, unsure if she could face that place again. She called on one of her lovers to help boost her confidence but when that lead to her feeling used and alone she went to the field of Lisianthus to reflect over what a mistake her life had become and what she had lost when she had "died". Chrysanthemum was there looking for Lisianthus and reminded her that she had not died in that field but had been born there. She begged her daughter to return to the Fae lands with her before the faeries abandoned the world for good. Lisi was appalled that the faeries would give up their responsibility to life in this way and resolved that even if she were the only faerie on earth she would continue their important work. She returned to the Blackguard Saints and accepted the mission. This time the assault was a success vaulting the blackguard saints and her into the public eye. Fame and notoriety followed providing Lisianthus the opportunity to reclaim her life as Mariposa Angel. She began lecturing on exogenesis reactions at universities around the world. A line of Lisianthus life size dolls was created and to girls all over the world she was a hero even if their parents were less thrilled about the costume. She became a tabloid darling with her ever changing love life a subject of great interest to the public. She missed her privacy but was happy for the opportunities fame had granted. The fight goes on and Lisianthus is there no matter what to protect life and to live it.

Powers and Abilities

Vine Lash: Control of vines

Accelerated Growth: Ability to influence the growth of all living things

Phermones: Chemicals released that influence anothers body chemestry

Swarm Shield: Ability to summon all insects in an area to shield self and others

Healing: Able to heal any and all wounds



Hand to Hand Combat

Strength: Posses stregth not in context of her size


Hightened Libido

Lacks sufficient knowledge to use her powers for offense
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Real Name Mariposa Angel
Current Alias Lisianthus
RelativesSolidad Angel (mother,deceased),
Dario Angel(Father)
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Shadow Clan
Base Of Operations.Ottisberg, Gotham
Marital StatusSingle
Occupation Anthropologist, lecturer, Socialite
Weight43lb (20kg)
Special FeaturesVery small body, Wings
Created ByReinalda Reyes

Buu Man