The Rules


        Don't mind my husband he's just going to kill you now.

-- Melina



Years ago a battle was waged by two alien armadas in the space above the planet Ikros. The Ikrosians watched the skies as the two alien races used progressively more destructive weapons until in a final attack one of the sides used a bomb infused with kryptonite in a system with a yellow sun. The yellow sun supercharged the Kryptonite in the weapon. The explosion destroyed both armadas and contaminated the electromagnetic field of Ikros. Mutations began almost immediately. Most Ikrosians started developing cancers; yet a very select few remained unaffected. Ikrosian scientists were able to use their unaltered biological material to create a treatment for the mutations. However as generations passed those with an unaltered genome became fewer and fewer. Most of the mutations were fatal without treatment but 1 in 100,000,000 instead imbued the affected individual with super powers. These individuals were recruited into a government organization called the bio-hunters, a group responsible for using their tremendous powers to seek out the biological material necessary to continue treating their fellow Ikrosians. At first the bio-hunters searched Ikros but ultimately they had to go to other worlds to find races with similar genetics. Over the centuries this process of gene grafting created a very wide variety of races on Ikros requiring a wider and wider variety of base genome to stave off the cancers. Two of the most successful bio-hunters were Yu’an and M’Lina. Yu’an was known as the Darkman due to the protective suit he wore that covered him head to toe in black except for the orange insignia on his chest, which warned everyone of his toxicity. His tectonic powers connected him with all elemental stone including a number of radioactive elements and this connection made exposure to him, without his protective suit, deadly. Despite this obstacle M’lina fell in love with him. The two dream of the day the gene rippers find the proper biomatter to undo his mutation so they can truly be together. The two bio-hunters were sent out on a new mission to a star system known as Sol. When they arrived on Earth, the only planet inhabited in the system, they found what their people had been looking for, a genetic template that was so pure it could be universally applied to any race or species. Their arrival, at first, met with resistance from Earth’s heroes who assumed taking samples meant forcible kidnappings and alien probes. The bio hunters were forced to defend themselves against Mikaal Tomas and Congorilla when they arrived on earth and were discovered taking samples from dead tribesmen on the eastern coast of Africa. An attack on the tribe by Black Manta had caused the devastation but the presence of the bio hunters and apparent desecration of the bodies made them primary suspects. During the struggle Darkman’s protective suit was torn and his radioactive toxicity began to kill everything around him. He immediately opened a fissure in the ground and closed himself inside it. M’lina begged the heroes to stop fighting her and help her save her love before he suffocated. Congorilla and Mikaal, though very confused, called in help from Cyborg who was on duty at the Watchtower. Cyborg used his sonic amplifier as a sonar to determine Darkman’s depth and measure radiation levels while Mikaal used an energy blast to create a hole in the rock and Congorilla crafted an air hose out of reeds. Once the emergency was over M’lina explained what had been happening and who they were. Darkman’s suit was repaired and he was able to be dug free. Darkman and M’lina were assigned a permanent post on earth to establish a perpetual biomatter collection and transport hub. Their role was also to act as ambassadors to earth in regard to this unorthodox trade practice or any other concerns of the Ikrosian government.

Brainiac Invasion
When the exogenesis event happened many humans DNA was significantly altered which only presented a small concern as there were an overwhelming majority who still had completely viable genetic codes. However, Brainiac’s intention of destroying all life on earth could not be tolerated. Darkman and M’Lina fought Brainiac forces as a pair but soon realized they would need to band together with others. This led to them meeting 4nlegend who introduced them in turn to the Blackguard Saints. When the BGS offered a place on their team the duo did not resist long. Unfortunately the couple were becoming estranged, they had waited so long for one another and were no closer now than ever. Vox Eterna saw this tension and used his powers of telepathy and psychic projection to allow them to share their first intimate moments together. Now they fight to defend earth against any enemy because an enemy to life on earth is an enemy to life on Ikros.

Powers and Abilities


Fireball: Fires fire at enemies

Inferno: Call forth an area of fire to burn all within

Meteor Strike: Calls down a flaming boulder from the sky

Mass Detonation: A destructive force that explodes all within its area




Concern for husband

Politically constrained

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Real Name M'Lina
Current Alias Melina
RelativesDarkman (Husband)
Affiliation..Asstastic Alliance Formerly: The Blackguard Saints
Base Of Operations.NYC
Marital StatusMarried
OccupationBiohunter, Diplomat
Weight114lb (52kg)
Special Featuresnone
Created By

Buu Man