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Digital Enigma

         Hey!  Just 'cause I look like a demon doesn't mean I'm evil... But let me tell you a secret: I'm probably a little evil.

-- Digital Enigma



Digi is a dimension shifting demon, though warping into new dimensions leaves her drained.  Every new dimension works differently, leaving her needing to find out how her powers work in new worlds.  Digital Enigma is not her real name, but as real names have power over demons, she holds that secret very closely.


Born human in ancient Egypt, Digi was an acolyte at the Temple of Bastet. Her only son was building a Temple to Anubis when the wall he was carving collapsed gravely injuring him.  Digi prayed to both Bastet and Anubis to save her son, but when neither God answered her, she prayed to anyone who would listen.  The being that listened was Rahab, a demon.  Rahab restored her son's life, but at a price.  Digi was removed from the world of the living and stored in a jar in Rahab's collection of souls, to be kept until he needed another demon soldier to venture to the world of the living and do his will. She never saw her son again.

Not long after the dawn of the 21st century, Rahab called upon Digi to go to the human world.  She awoke In the City of Lost Angels.

City of Lost Angels

The City of Lost Angels was the remnant of Los Angeles after the comet, Wormwood, came close enough to Earth to rip open a portal to the demon world.  Digi worked her way through the ranks of the Demon Brood to become a Demon Knight, answering to no one but the Demon Queens.  She earned a reputation for seemingly always knowing what people were up to (By hiding in the rafters.  No one ever looks up!) and for creative torture. Unfortunately for the Demon Queens and Rahab, and fortunately for the rest of the city, she regained her soul.  With her soul placed back in her body, she started to question if following the will of Rahab was the right thing to do.  With a change of conscious, an ex-demon/ex-angel/ex-werewolf recruited her into his band of do-gooders called theVanguard. 

The Vanguard

The mission of the Vanguard was to protect those who couldn't protect themselves.  Digital Enigma had a distinct tactical advantage over most of the group; they spent most of their time crossing over into the demon world to rescue people, a place Digi had spent a lot of time before joining the Guard. While the Guard was trying to do good in a world turned upside down, Digital still had demonic urges and instincts.  In the beginning the only thing that restrained her was Roland, the leader of the Guard.  After several months she began to learn to temper and restrain her demonic urges until they were needed.  It was during this time that the Nightmares came.  People’s nightmares were coming to life.  For a demon like Digital, the fact that she was trying to reconcile the deeds she did without her soul with the fact that she felt guilty about them created a very powerful nightmare indeed, an embodiment of all her demonic desires and urges unleashed.  This resulted in a being who called himself Mal Martynov, a fallen angel who desired to rule everything at any cost.  Eventually the source of the nightmares was found, and most of the nightmares vanished.  Somehow Mal managed to cling to reality, though it left him without the infinite power he had access to before.  Digi and Mal would clash frequently over his use of blood magics to control people.  Mal's most prized blood sample was of a Malkavian vampire who was addicted to demon blood.  In an effort to protect this sample, Mal ended up drinking it.  This started his transformation into a vampiric creature that spends most of his time out of touch with reality.  Digi felt some need to care for him in this state, as he was unable to care for himself.  Occasionally he had bouts of lucidity, at which time Digi does whatever she can to thwart his plans for power.

Just as life was starting to look up, Digi's mentor and the leader of the Vanguard, Roland Goddard, was murdered by a ruthless entity named Jak.  This creature was able to shift dimensions at will, and in an effort to seek justice for her lost friend, she started dabbling in dimensional magics.

The World of Azeroth

Her first dimension shift was to a world called Azeroth.  She was able to blend in with a race called the Night Elves due to her purple skin.  Unbeknownst to her, the power she wielded in Lost Angels would not function the same in this world.  It took her time to get the hang of these new powers, which varied not only in strength but in substance as well.  As a demon in Lost Angels she wielded all the powers of hell she could handle, while in Azeroth the only powers she had access to were the powers of Nature.  While she never found the being that murdered her mentor, she did help Azeroth stave off the onslaught of the Burning Legion.  She still pops back from time to time, now that she has more control of her dimension shifting magics, to make sure the world exists in more or less a state of balance.  After defeating the Burning Legion, she activated her dimensional magics to move to another world.

The World of Lore

Digi arrived in the world of Lore in a city called BattleOn.  When she arrived, the battle was less about good and evil and more about trying to defeat the forces of Chaos that wanted to tear the world asunder.  Digital joined the fight against the 13 Lords of Chaos under the command of Drakath to save the world of Lore.  She returns every Friday the 13th to help Voltaire and Deady save the world of Lore from whatever funkyness is trying to destroy it this time.

Paragon City

Digi's next shift lead her to Paragon City, where Super Heroes and Villains were battling for control.  For some time the Well of the Incarnate was handing out god-like powers to whomever it deemed worthy, and upon arrival Digital discovered she was one of them.  She used these powers to help the heroes of Paragon City hold back the villains of the Rogue Isles and against the invading forces of Praetoria, who wanted to destroy any human existence that wasn't under its' control.


Digi's next shift was to a city called Metropolis.  Her powers here moved from physical magics to mental magics.  But she retained her demonic nature. As soon as she arrived she was approached by The Tormentors of Hades.  The group  was made up of several gods and demons who wished to recruit her. Digi knew what it was to be a demon so she had no intention of trusting them but the new world she found herself in was so good and pure it was sickening to her. Even with her soul intact she was still a demon who fed on sin. She found a true ally in Eris, the goddess of conflict. Digital swore allegiance to this deity and embarked on a quest to break down bonds of friendship and sow the seeds of discord. She found a home and target among a group of heroes called the Blackguard Saints. Eris had a plan to place agents inside several of the hero leagues and destroy them from within. Digital Enigma was an agent to that end. She fought along side the Blackguard Saints as Numerical Mystery for a year, learning all their secrets and weaknesses, the entire time encouraging paranoia and backbiting. She was discovered however and for her failure was sent to Hades by an angry Eris. What has become of her since her banishment is unknown.


Digi is still coming to terms with the fact that she has these demonic urges and a conscious.  Sometimes she still thinks like a pure tactician, sometimes as the power hungry demon, and other time she as such compassion she could be confused for human.  While having tried romance in the past, she has tabled that portion of her life to focus on finding the killer of her mentor.  On occasion she joins with other like-minded individuals, but generally she enjoys fighting on her own with only loose ties to other beings in an effort to keep herself from being heartbroken when they eventually die.

Powers and Abilities


Telekenisis: Can move objects with mind

Illusion: Can cause an enemy to see, feel, or otherwise expereince anything

Pyrokenesis: Can create fire with wind



Bow Proficiency

Hand to Hand Combat


Demonic Nature requires sin energy

Poor impulse control

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Digital Enigma

Real Name مجنون جميلة 
Current Alias Digital Enigma
AliasesNumeric Mystery, Digi
RelativesAzizi(Son deceased)
Affiliation..The Tormentors of Hades
Formerly: Blackguard Saints, Vanguard
Base Of Operations.Arkham Island, Gotham
Marital StatusSingle
Weight38lb (17kg)
Special FeaturesWings
Created ByJamie Gerardi

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