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Relax and Take It Easy

         I Hope Im not getting under your skin, but i've told you; Dont worry I got this.

-- Relax



"Out of the turmoil of Bitenight a new hero emerged, he was strong and fierce but massively unstable. He didn’t want to adopt some superhero name like so many others had, he preferred that when you thought of him you thought of his personality. He chose to be known as Relax and Take It Easy or Relax for short. His personality belies the volatile nature of his powers. His powers are ever changing with no rhyme or reason. He may be able to wield fire, or ice, or magic, or control nature or may have no powers at all. The volatility is completely unpredictable and even he has no idea when his powers will change. His powers, though, never seem to fail him during battle or quest. They only change when he is at rest or off duty. This has led many to speculate that his power switches are psychosomatic, that he actually posses all power but a mental block of some kind gives him access to only one at a time. However, visits with psychic mediums and those capable of seeing “beyond’ have stated that he is not alone in his body. In fact he is an avatar for a being of greater power and influence who may go so far as controlling his every move from afar. If that be the case his power switches would be at the whim of this godlike entity. One thing is certain, Relax believes his actions are his own; so perhaps he and this entity are in such accord that they may as well be one individual. Being as nonchalant as he is, his power switches cause him no concern and the idea of being controlled gives him no pause… he has said, “I feel like me, and that’s enough”.
Like many heroes Relax joined the JSA hero training program and requested league placement. He was placed with a up and coming group of heroes called the Bully Busters whose charter called for them to travel the cities and search out super powered bullies antagonizing citizens or young heroes and stop them. At first it was a great fit but as is true of many organizations eventually Bully Busters dissolved leaving Relax to fend for himself. During his time in Bully Busters though he was able to interact with several members of another league who had for a time partnered with them. After the dissolution of the Bully Busters the members of this league, The blackguard Saints, attempted, for a good deal of time, to recruit Relax to join them. In time she decided The Blackguard Saints would be a good fit and joined them.

Two If By Sea

While on duty with the Blackguard Saints Relax would become a modern day Paul Revere. He was patrolling the Gotham Harbor when his powers changed. He had gained the abilities classified within the hero community as Quantum. As soon as the powers settled on him he could feel gravity and molecular motion at the subatomic level and he knew something was wrong. Scanning the magnetic field on the horizon he could see a wake being created by something invisible. Using Schrodenger’s Sight, a power that sees the invisible, he was able to clearly see the incoming fleet of invisible amazonian troop transports. As soon as he detected the danger he tried to raise the alarm but the amazons were using magical jamming technology to prevent any signals, no transmission be it electronic or psychic could get out. Relax knew he had to warn the hero community and Wonder Woman in particular. He had to get word to the Watchtower which was in geosynchronous orbit more than 22,000 miles above earth. Getting there would be impossible but perhaps he could get to all the other heroes throughout Gotham and the surrounding cities. Relax could not fly but did have the ability to teleport short distances as part of his Quantum abilities. He left his Blackguard Saints patrol unit to try to delay the invasion as long as possible and began teleporting as fast and as far as he could. He teleported to every hero base and league hall he could find or knew about, every bar or hang out, every police station or civic center with one simple message: “the Amazons are here to fight”. Amazingly the quantum signature he left in his wake was so large it shone like a lantern and was detected from the watchtower. Beast Boy was on duty at the time and assumed there must be something terribly wrong, he then detected the jamming signal. Wonder Woman was called in and was able to bring her amazonian forces to bear on the invading ones in time to halt the progress of the invasion.

The Revelation

When Darkside's invasion began Relax was unaware and spending time in his secluded hideaway far outside the trappings of modern society.  To his surprise Dessad was led right to him.  Dessad was interested in a power beyond the limits of this plane of existance and a specially tuned Mother Box had brought his boom tube directly to Relax.  Relax easily defeated Dessad but used his Mother Box to further investigate himself.  Using the power of the New Gods and his own along with the Mother Box Relax was taken to The Garden of Forking Ways, a maze like realm with one inhabitant, Destiny of the Endless.  Relax spoke with Destiny who opened his bok of fate and revealed that relax was indeed an avitar for a great being but more than that, like Job of the biblical story he is the subject of a bet between two massivly powerful celestial beings; one a source of great destruction the other a source of life.  When the veil of secrecy was removed the entities trying to influende Relax fled into the ether leaving traces of their power behind.  Relax absorbed the power and was able to draw on the devine and the damned.  It was then that Relax saw into the alternate world from where he was controlled.  The Being that for which heis an avitar greated him and told him he was doing well, it was a large male figure who introduced himself as "Joe" and was holding a strange device in his hands which eminated a golden light, when ever Joe moved the device relax felt an urge to move.  "Joe" encouragede Relax to continue his good work and to make every effort to stay strong becasue the two celestials might return at any time.  When Relax returned to Earth he was reinvigorated in his purpose and his duty. 

Powers and Abilities

Unstable Power matrix with ever changing array of super skills

Catalogued Powers

Ability to control Nature

Ability to see and dominate subatomic particles

Ability to Fold time and space

Ability to control elements including fire, earth, and ice

Ability to call the powers of the devine and the damned


Skilled Master of weapons and mechanical gadgets

Hand to Hand Combat

Capable of carying incredible numbers of weapons by creating an accesable pocket dimension on his person


Connection to "joe" could be exploited

Power switches make his expertiese variable

Celestial Beings attempting to control his life
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Relax and take It Easy

Real Name Unknown
Current Alias Relaxand TakeItEasy
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Bully Busters
Base Of Operations.Gotham
Marital StatusSingle
Weight98lb (44kg)
Special FeaturesCowboy Hat
Created ByJoe

Relax and Take It Easy

Relax and Take It Easy

Buu Man