The Rules


         Do not confuse me for a good guy.  I am not a good guy.

-- Repulsor



Repulsor (James Gary Wilkes) gained his abilities as a gift from his father, the brilliant biologist Dr. Alan Wilkes. Prior to becoming pregnant Dr Wilkes experimented extensively on his wife, a failed Olympic athlete. She had become obsessed with achieving human perfection, which made her a perfect match for Dr. Wilkes who was striving to unlock true human potential. It became an obsession to her and for years she underwent treatment and process and experiment. Her age prevented any of the genetic treatments to take root and all the experiments were considered failures. However, when she became pregnant they discovered that her reproductive system had indeed been affected. The child growing inside her was genetically amorphous; Dr. Wilkes theorized that such a genetic structure could be manipulated markedly. The Birth was very hard and though she did not die in childbirth she did pass away within two months. Her dying wish was to see her son achieve what they had been striving toward for so long.  Dr. Wilkes had developed a binary formula that would change his son, and at three months old he applied it. He would live up to his promise to his deceased wife. But the procedure had unintended side effects; the child became more frail and sickly. The first poor result was obesity; within a month of the experiment the boy had gained ten pounds. The formula could not be processed immediately, it needed time to incubate and work its way into the child as he grew. The obesity was a direct result of James’ body requiring constant warmth to nurture the incubation process. In response to this sudden weight gain he developed respiratory issues. Over the ensuing years he endured the trials reserved for the sickly. He suffered at the hands of bullies and tormentors. His father had always been over bearing and controlling of James, he would examine him regularly and do blood tests, creating great tension between the father and son. The tension reached a breaking point after James’ 18th birthday party when his father tried to blood test him in front of the few friends he had who didn’t think he was a freak. J ames went into a rage and left home that night, never contacting his father again. It wasn't until he was twenty-five years old and Dr Wilkes died from cancer that he would learn what his father had done to him. In Dr. Wilkes' last will and testament James was left the last piece of the Repulsor Project; A vial of blue luminescent liquid that was the catalyst for the transformation that would change his life. For months James kept the vile with half of him wanting to dump it down the sink and the other half too curious to allow it. Eventually he gave in, on a day when he was feeling depressed and potentially suicidal anyway he swallowed it. His whole physique changed instantly, he was fit and all his fat had disappeared. He also discovered he could create an electrical field and control temperature.

Repulsor is Born

After gaining his abilities he took the name Repulsor in reference to both his father’s project but also as a dig to all those in his life who had called him repulsive. The scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs examined him extensively. They found that due to the process Dr. Wilkes used on James his cells had changed. Each cell was similar to a small nuclear reactor in that it was its own power source. He never had to eat, drink, sleep or breathe unless he wanted to. His body had also stopped aging due to his cells having a half-life of 5000 years. This would lead many of the S.T.A.R. Labs staff to believe he had become nigh immortal. Whether or not he can be killed is up for debate. There are some that say he can not because the change to his molecular structure has increased his physical density making him stronger and more resistant to being harmed. Repulsor’s body, however, was prone to random power outburts and Murry Takamoto suggested that for a time his powers would be in flux. After several months and the assistance of S.T.A.R. Labs he was able to harness the outburts and project them at will resulting in flight, fire blasts from his hands and what seemed to be an organic fire. The organic fire is a direct result of Repulsor absorbing all the heat from a given area and magnifying it; should he wish he can remove all heat from from the target area and reduce molecular motion to a crawl as it aproaches absolute zero.  Repulsor’s flight speeds and durability have been compared to Superman but there are several specialists at S.T.A.R. that feel he's holding back out of fear.

Government Work

James’ father’s estate and holdings had been quite large and allowed for him to be Repulsor full time with no worry for income. He spent a brief period helping Superman and the Justice League but never felt at home. He wasn't interested in "saving" all the time and devoting his life to the people that ridiculed him when he was obese. After Bytenight there were many new super powered individuals and he met several who were more comfortable kicking ass and taking names than they were saving the innocent.   Those individulals were targeted by the governments of the world to make up elite tac teams,  The D.E.O recruited Repulsor to form one of these teams,  That was when he recruited a few of these types into a league he created called The Blackguard. Unfortunately mercenary types are expendable and it wasn't long before the D.E.O. disavowed The Blackguard.  Left without sponsorship, Repulsor's team abandond him.  It took many months for him to return to the U.S., on his journey home he spent time living among the people of the world.  He walked or hitchhiked much of the journey.  He gained a great respect for the common man as more often than not they offered him a roof and a bed without suspicion.  He in turn would use his great powers to help them with their needs.  Diverting floods, defeating pirates, stopping industrialists... anything to help the little guy, particularly if the law wasn't enough.  This path lead him home but also to Captain Qwark and Fritz.  The three joined forces folding together their respective leagues under the banner of Shadow Clan. This arrangement wasn’t working well for Repulsor though, he felt the direction of the league was flawed until one of the new members, Vox Dominae, had been called on by Batman to rescue the Batcave. Now this was a challenge Repulsor could get behind. Vox had all the information and locations and the team breached. Repuslor was able to blaze like the sun. The defensive units under control of Brainiac were not human so he didn’t need to hold anything back. Within three hours the team assembled had rescued the bat family, short-circuited Brother Eye, and removed Brainiac’s hack. Batman, normally not very chatty, was quite appreciative before kicking them out. Repulsor decided that Shadow Clan wasn’t so bad after all if they were capable of dropping the boot like that.

Shadow Clan

The tension grew slowly between Repulsor and Fritz, but it grew. Repulsor began to see Fritz as a bully and he’d promised himself he would never put up with bullying again. When Fritz treated people badly, particularly young members of the league, Repulsor was there to protect them. The tension grew but Repulsor had become attached to the rest of the team so he would seethe in private. Hearing from Batman the success Shadow Clan had had with the Batcave, Superman came to Repulsor to ask for his help. As his former mentor Repulsor had always had the utmost respect for the Man of Steel even if their heroic purposes had gone different directions, so he agreed. Brainiac had infected the Fortress of Solitude computer A.I. and power core. With control of the A.I., Brainiac had mastery over all the defenses and weapons in the Fortress. Superman had attempted to breach but was overwhelmed and the JLA was off world assisting the Green Lantern Corps. Repulsor promised superman he would make it happen. He called on Captain Qwark who was a brilliant strategist to speak to Superman and devise a plan. When the plan was made Shadow Clan was assembled to make the attack. Fritz was angered that his permission hadn’t been asked but he made little gripe about it in front of superman. Once the 8-man team was at the outskirts of the Fortress, superman bashed a hole in a wall of ice exposing a series of labyrinthine caverns which superman reported were lightly guarded. Superman had provided a map of the caverns that showed where they needed to go to get past the Brainiac forces and into the Fortress itself. Superman was to create a distraction while the team infiltrated from below. Starkiller and Fritz were the most resilient members of the league and would take the vanguard. Owl would provide crowd control and Captain Qwark would provide power boost and navigation. Vox Dominae would provide shielding and handicap the enemies and Lisianthus would nurture allies’ strength and heal wounds. All while Repulsor and Shadow Clan’s newest member Sofaking destroyed everything in sight. The plan was going very well as the team wound their way through the caverns. The resistance they were facing was indeed light and they were moving fast enough so it couldn’t be reinforced. That was until they came to a fork in the caverns. Captain Qwark took a moment to get his bearings before deciding on which direction to go.  Just as Qwark told everyone to go left Fritz got impatient and barreled ahead down the right pathway. The group splintered, Repulsor and Starkiller following Qwark's directions and going left while sofaking and fritz went right with Owl close behind trying to get the other two to go back. The group was getting spread apart and Vox announced they needed to make a decision because he couldn’t maintain such a large shield, he was standing at the mouth of both caves trying to maintain sightlines on both halves of the group, ultimately his group shield broke and he placed smaller individual shields on each person, a process that took exponentially more strength. When Repulsor looked behind and saw the group no longer together with Lisi flitting about back and forth he brought Starkiller back to the fork. Qwark knew it was the wrong direction but he told everyone to stay together. The enemy reinforcement were beginning to arrive in response to the team's earlier progress and they were in danger of being overwhelmed if they didn’t reach an open area to fight. When Repulsor reached Fritz he grabbed him and tried to pull him back the other way. Fritz, who had always been threatened by Repulsor tried to kill Repulsor with a searing beam of fire to the eye, the attack bounced off the shield Vox had created. Repulsor in response reflexively sent a flaming fist into Fritz’s gut, his greater strength collapsed the shield. Fritz fell down a small slope in the floor where he was able to see the dead end around the corner. Repulsor leaped at Fritz to continue the fight but then he too saw around the corner. The two continued to argue but the fight was drained out of them. Vox and Owl were trying to hold off the approach of forces from their flank but weren’t doing too good a job. Collapsing Fritz’s shield had been a big blow to Vox who was already on one knee. Every time a shield absorbed a shot vox shuttered until he could take no more and buckled. The shields fell and a pulse beam sizzled through the air to strike Sofaking behind the ear, he fell dead to the ground. With Sofaking dead and Vox unconscious Lisianthus was frantic. Fritz ordered everyone else to leave them behind so they wouldn’t slow the group down. Repulsor again countered saying they all escape or no one escapes, which the rest of the group agreed to. Repulsor then saw the throng of security and Brainiac forces crushing down on them. He unleashed a tremendous amount of power into the earth at his feet directing it under the oncoming forces. A volcano erupted out of the floor underneath the enemies while at the same time the air around them froze.  The dual attack destroyed or disoriented enough of the enemies to create a path the group could wedge their way through if they worked together. Fritz did not see it that way, he saw a path and he ran through it drawing the remaining forces inward and closing the way for anyone else. Repulsor didn’t have it in him to repeat the attack and when he tried to use his powers only sparks came out. With Fritz gone, two members down and Lisianthus in a panic it seemed they were finished. But then the cavern roof caved in and Superman flew in, scattering all the enemies. He had seen the volcanic eruption and knew something must have gone wrong. He led them through the roof where Oracle could teleport them to safety. The following day Brainiac released footage of their failed attempt to the news agencies of the world as a warning not to resist him. The footage was heavily edited and showed the teams implosion and Sofaking's death. When it was time for Sofaking to be buried his family didn’t want any of the Shadow Clan near the gravesite so they stood back at the tree-line until the ceremony was over. Repulsor stood there the whole time seething at Fritz who didn’t have the decency to show up. When the funeral ended Repulsor, Qwark, and Vox Eterna went to confront Fritz for his actions. But as soon as they walked in the door of the league base they saw the League Charter where Fritz had torn Repulsor’s name out. Repulsor knew that if he remained he would kill the man so he turned around and flew off. Later he would learn that Fritz had descended into a state of megalomania, which prompted Qwark and Vox to quit Shadow Clan.

A New Begining

Qwark and Vox sought Repulsor out and together they formed the Blackguard Saints. Within days every significant member of Shadow Clan had left and joined their new league. Repulsor was not dealing well with the pitty/ridicule in the eyes of the hero community; he needed to find a way to put this behind them. With this new group Repulsor convinced Superman to allow them another chance to free the fortress. Captain Qwark drew up another plan but there was a problem; Repulsor’s powers hadn’t been the same since the fortress. He returned to S.T.A.R. labs where Murry Takamoto was able to confirm his earlier assessment. Repulsor’s powers were indeed in flux and using so much at once to call forth that volcano had initiated the conversion. Now he was channeling pure energy instead of converting it to heat energy. Repulsor wasn’t sure of his new abilities but he was determined not to fail again. This time everything ran smoothly even when Lex Luthor made a surprise appearance to join the group. Repulsor’s new abilities not only allowed him immense destructive power but he also could use that organic electricity to mend wounds. When Zod attempted to free himself the Blackguard Saints were equal to the task sending him right back to the Phantom Zone. Superman was very pleased by the job they did and knew they had been made fools of by Brainiac so he arranged a public ceremony at the Hall of Justice to recognize the Blackguard Saints. The members of the league like Repulsor who did not live a secret identity were greatly benefited by this. The Brainiac invasion was horrific around the world and anyone who was helping stop it was looked on as a celebrity to the people of earth. James had all the respect and adoration he’d always been denied.

The Trivium

With the league firmly established James was chosen as one of the three leaders. To prevent any one leader from becoming too consumed with power as Fritz had each one of them were given a certain role and all decisions were made by majority. Repulsor became one third of this Trivium with Vox Eterna and Captain Qwark. His specific duties are to provide the driving force behind league endeavors and take action when consequences are called for;  he is the executive branch.

To Hell and Back

Over the years the Blackguard Saints have grown closer and closer and Repulsor has become stronger in self. He no longer eschews saving the innocent even for a time operating as one of the teams combat medics. His powers continue to evolve and alter.  During an asault on nothing less than a god James was able to voluntarily reembrace his temperature controling powers.  This time however he manipulates cold, with heat as a byproduct that is discarded if necessary.  These powers of freezing allow him to be affected no more by cataclysmic attacks than by a stiff wind.  Using this redescovered skill he and the Blackguard Saints were able to Infiltrate the Throne room of the god of the Underworld, Hades, on a mission to retreive Hippolyta's soul.  The fight had been tedious and after many hours fatigue was setting in.  Ares had fallen as had the three guardians of the damned god but Hades himself was as expected no easy mark.  He fought with great strength and an unending supply of souls at his command. Any time the Heroes would begin ot make progress against him the god would banish several of them to another portion of his labrynth.  The Team suffered many losses and were on the brink of complete failure, only four of the intital attack team of 22 remained.  Many were feared lost completely and would be if the heroes were forced to retreat.  Repulsor led a last ditch push against the Lord of the Underworlds defenses and breached them.  The god was vulnerable, at that moment Vox Eterna broke into the room leading a small group that had been banished into the maze.  The destraction was enough to allow them all to focus their attacks on Hades and topple him.  In the aftermath Ares revealed he had been playing possum so he would not have ot confront his Uncle, Hades.  He claimed the soul of hippolyta and fled.  Hades incensed at seeing this used the last of his strength to rip down the pillars that held up the marble dome of his throne room.  Repulsor and hades were buried under the tons of rubble.  After hours the lost members of the Blackguard Saints were found and were able to help with the excavation and free Repulsor who had been trapped but whose ice invulnerability had kept him uninjured.  Shockingly, when they cleared the rest of the rubble the body of Hades was nowhere to be found.  

The future

Repulsor has grown in his powers and his self.  He will continue to fight with the Blackguard Sainst so long as there is justice to be upheld or punishment to be administered.

Powers and Abilities


Organic Fire: manipulation of Inturnal combustion to produce varied fire attacks

Organic Electricity: manipulation of bio electric field to attack or heal

Absolute Zero effect: manipulation of dheat absorbtion to create freezing attacks or defensive measures



Hand to Hand Combat

Power instability

Psychological Block
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Real Name James Gary Wilkes
Current Alias Repulsor
RelativesAlan Wilkes (father, deceased), Susan Wilkes (mother, deceased)
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Shadow Clan, The Blackguard
Base Of Operations.Tomorrow District, Metropolis
Marital StatusSingle
Weight240lb (109kg)
Special Featuresnone
Created ByJames Marvel

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