The Rules



        I've never delivered a baby... ok fine... get me a bucket of water, 3 slices of Swiss cheese, 27 marbles, and the entire first season of friends on VHS and I'll see what I can do.

-- Spartan



On bytenite Jason Webb was a normal young man on a trip with his family to explore ancient battle sites and ruins in Greece. When the exobytes fell to earth his family had no idea they were standing over the remains of soldiers from Troy and Sparta who had fought a tremendous battle more than 3000 years before. The exobytes bonded with the family and connected to the deceased warriors below transferring memories and experiences into the unsuspecting tourists. Mother and daughter were found incompatible for the process and the exobytes fell away disfunctional. Father and son, however, were infected with the histories of long dead combatants. Tragically the father gained the knowledge of a Trojan while Jason gained the knowledge of a Spartan. These long warrior traditions and the histories of these two long dead peoples infected the two men. They found it harder and harder to get along. Jason took the name Spartan and used his new skills to fight street crime around his home. He only thought of himself as a normal vigilante not a superhero because he had no super powers, but the fighting skills and lost knowledge of the Spartan warriors were more than enough to defeat petty criminals who had no more than handguns. His father however had gained the ability to fly and neigh invulnerability. The godlike power turned an already egotistical man into a megalomaniac, he took the name Trojan and began a life of crime. Spartan could not compete physically with his father so he just stayed out of his way. On a routine evening patrol Spartan came to the scene of a robbery. The store clerk was shot and about to bleed out. A sudden urge took spartan to place his hands on the mans wounds. The bullets emerged from his body as if they had a mind if their own and the wounds began to nit from the inside out until not even a scar remained. A duplicate of the wounds appeared on Spartan's body but quickly healed itself leaving a very small scar. Realizing the implications of his new found abilities he immediately joined the nearest hero league he could, Shadow Clan. The implosion of that league soon after lead him to join with the Blackguard Saints.  While there he established himself as their preeminent healer. Unfortunately the healing was taking its toll on his body. He was covered in scar tissue from head to toe.  With the league in constant danger his endurance was being seriously tested.  New healers were brought in to relieve the bourdon and a S.T.A.R. Labs exo suit was designed to allow spartan's tremendous fighting skill to be used against superpowered enemies.   Despite all the precautions, Spartan was still being very drained by his league activity.  His mother was terrified for her son's safety and begged him to give up his heroing.  He refused.  His mother expressed her worries to his father.  Father and son fought over his mother's concern and, predictably, Trojan's powerhouse nature won him the fight.  Spartan has not been seen since.

Powers and Abilities


Empathic Touch: Takes injuries unto himself

Accelerated Healing: Can heal from most injuries within moments with little or no ill effect

Sacraficial Offering: Can transfer a field of his life force to others


The knowledge of the warrior race of Spartans

Extreme fighting spirit

Advanced tactics


Implanted memories can caused confused speach as too many ideas attempt to be spoken at once

Physical fittness not in keeping with his martial skills
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Real Name Jason Webb
Current Alias Spartan Medic
AliasesSpartan Destoryer, Crimson Spartan, Spartan
RelativesTrojan (father), Jemmy Webb (sister), Macy Webb (mother)
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Shadow Clan, Bully Busters
Base Of Operations.Suicide Slums, Gotham
Marital StatusSingle
Weight195lb (88kg)
Special FeaturesSeverly Scared
Created ByJasonWebster

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