The Rules

Stacy Flex

          Dedication plus Effort equals results. 

-- Stacy Flex



A Quiet Life
Competative body builder by day and amature vigilante by night Stacy Flex was makeing a difference in the world, at least the small part of the world she called home.  Her nightly patrols kept the streets of Hatton Corners, NH safe from petty criminals and teenage pranks.  Years ago several Teen Titans had saved the town from a magical villain but since then nothing major had ever happened, even Stacy often speculated that her "crimefighting" was unnecessary.  Hatton Corners was so idilyic in fact that it was a popular place for summer residences of noted persons.  Stacy often walked the streets with nothing to do but help residents carry groceries.  

During bytenight Stacy was outside the town limits helping the town sheriff remove a fallen tree from the roadway.  Hatton Corners was hit with aa abnormally large concentration of Exobits and Exobytes.  The result was maddness.  The town now mostly superpowered and out of control turned on itself.  Stacy who ironicly had been left without powers could do little to stop the chaos.  So she studied and determined that Hatton Corners had been hit by 1892% the average exobit concentration for an area.  Gotham and Metropolis combined had not even reached half the proliferation of Hatton Corners which was 1/10 the size of those cities.  Stacy began investigating this scale of infection and traced it back to a cottage on the edge of town where Darwin Elias had relocated from Central City.  More terrified of Stacy than he had been of the Flash, due to her massive physical stature, he begged her not to harm him.  He explained that he had been working with electron-magnatism a new type of field manipulation that he had discovered that operated on the subatomic level.  Running his experaments had inadvertently drawn the Exoclusters to Hatton Corners.  Trusting that his intentions had not been villainous Stacy let him go and decided that she could no longer be a her towns protector without any special abilities with which to fight this vastly superior force.  Darwin disagreed, and as a thank you for not judging him presented her with a set of electron-magnatised gauntlets, Boots and Belt, the ENM gear.  He had developed them to be able to stop and hold the Flash in case his powers ever needed to be contained.  The new threat to the world of all the superpowered novices was far greater than that of the potental fall of the Flash.  Darwin knew he was no hero and had only been looking for the right person to provide this power.  The items had incredible abilites: Strength, Flight, Matter Cohecion disruption, Magnetic Force Field, and could slow molecular motion mimicking the effects of ab solute zero.  With these new tools in hand Stacy went out into the world to try to restore the order that had been destroyed by Exogenesis.

As a seasoned crime fighter Stacy Flex was at an advantage over many of the newly minted heroes as far as technique was concerned but she was in the same boat with regard to learning her abilites.  She practiced day and night, honing the skills and strength that would be necessary to weild the ENM Gear.  She helped to get the comunity issues of Hatton Corners under control and despite several genexos thinking now they had the uperhand on her she was able to keep the peace very well and even began to mentor the Sheriff's own super squad.  A town of super beings needs a super police force he had said and she agreed.  But with the new squad in place and the citizens getting accustomed to all having superpowers the town returned to its natural state of quiet and peaceful.  Stacy felt that she was unnecessary again but even more so because super-strong grandmas dont need help carrying groceries anymore.  Stacy began competing in more events and joined the international bodybuilding tour.  When in a new city she would patrol at night doing what little good she could.  It was on one of these patrols that she was spotted by the Archangel HafGalla'el who was also a member of the superhero league the Blackguard Saints.  The two defeated a number of hell beasts, impressed HafGalla'el invited Stacy back to the league headquarters to meet the leadership and see about joining.  Stacy refused saying she had responsibilites elswehere and really missing home.  HafGalla'el gave her a teleport code incase she changed her mind.  Stacy returned home, conflicted.  She knew she had been staying away from Hatton Corners on purpose but she didn't want to abandon them.  That night she went on patrol and watched as the Squad she trained maintained order and peace and looked after the town better then she ever had.  She decided she would make the change she imput the teleport code into her phone and a teleport beam whisked her away to the secret base of the Blackguard Saints.  She met the leaders and was immediatly given a place in their ranks.

Powers and Abilities


Extreme focus and dedication

Peak strength for her size

Extreme physical agility, stamina, and flexibility

Equiped with Electron-magnetic (ENM) Gauntlets, Boots, and Belt
enhanced strength
manipulate solid structure
create force field
Stop molecular motion effectivly achieving absolute zero

Human physiology is vulnerable to damage without shielding

PPCIV 21015

Stacy Flex

Real Name Stacy Flest
Current Alias Stacy Flex
AliasesCompression effect, Natasha Sputnik
Affiliation..Blackguard Saints Formerly:The Squad
Base Of Operations.Hatton Corners
Marital StatusSingle
OccupationPro Bodybuilder
Weight182lb (83kg)
Eyespale blue
HairDk Brown
Special FeaturesTattoos
Created ByJosh

Buu Man