The Rules


         Hey, as far as I know I am your father.  After all I have memories of being with your mother. 

-- Starkiller



At a young age and for reasons he did not understand Corky Baxter was recruited by Rip Hunter to be one of his Time Master trainees. Corky Baxter is not his real name, of course, as all time travelers must protect their true identity from any enemies who might travel back in time and destroy them as babies or otherwise alter their timeline. Rip had several trainees but seemed to spend special attention on Corky. Corky and Rip learned fighting styles from every time period they went to becoming experts in techniques from eras BC to futures end. Eventually Rip felt the time master trainees had been taught enough and could be trusted to be on their own. He gave each of them their own Time Pack, a shoulder strapped device that allowed a few time jumps per charge, and the freedom to do some solo exploration… but he did forbid one day. He told them the events of 1/11/2011 changed the world and that they were not permitted to view them, he time locked each of the time packs so that date was completly inaccessible. Some time later Corky's time pack malfunctioned, stranding him in the prehistoric era. Rip was able to guide him in the repair of his time pack via tachyon signal and Corky returned home safely. What neither of them realized was that during the repair the safeguard time lock blocking 1/11/2011 had been disabled. A few days later his fellow time master trainees were teasing him about having to be rescued and in a show of bravado corky put on his time pack and typed in the date of 1/11/2011 fully expecting the time lock to engage and nothing to happen but instead he was transported to that fateful day when Lex Luthor released millions of exobytes on the earth. The exobytes prevented the time pack from engaging fully, instead their energies began to feed on and merge with the chronal energies of the pack. This combination of energies created a feed back pulse which sent Corky into a quantum entanglement. Since matter can neither be created nor destroyed, when someone moves in time the protons and electrons that make up their body exists in two places at once. During a quantum entanglement event those protons and electrons, regardless of how far apart they are, become connected and react to each other as if communicating. Because of the exobytes and the chronal energy this entanglement took place over a 50 year span of time. Every molecule in Corky's body was connected to its twin throughout those 50 years. If a molecule of his body was there he was experiencing it. Corky remained conscious through the whole event which left him processing hundreds of experiences simultaneously, he was a rock on a beach, a cloud in the sky, a man fathering a child, an alien dancing, a bird drowning in the sea, a woman with a limp, a black hole eating a sun and countless others. Thankfully the billions of molecules of our bodies spend the majority of their time floating free through space otherwise the volume of information Corky would have been bombarded by would have driven him mad. When the safety protocols of the time pack kicked in, again aided by the exobytes, the young man materialized in Star City. The temporal energy he brought with him caused everything around him to freeze, thankfully he was in the middle of Star Forest and no people were around but hundreds of trees were frozen solid. Completely out of sorts with all the new memories in his head he couldn't even focus on who he was when Swamp Thing appeared and accused him of being the Star Forest killer. Remembering his experience eating a sun he agreed that he was Starkiller. Sensing his confusion and lack of malice Swamp Thing left him alone choosing instead to tend to the damaged trees. The newly minted Starkiller stumbled his way out of the forest and tried to sort his mind out. He had so many conflicting memories he couldn't determine which were truly his. He also seemed to be emitting chronal energy which was freezing anything he touched. He found a street cafe where he sat down and at the table directly next to him was Rip Hunter with a thermos. He recognized rip but couldn't place from where, it was like seeing someone you know but not remembering if you know them from school or work or childhood or a friend of a friend. Rip addressed him as Starkiller and told him it would be alright, that everything had happened as it was supposed to, he gave the thermos to Starkiller which thanks to its insulation was able to keep the coffee inside hot despite his cold touch. Rip told him that he would learn control of the powers in time and eventually be of great value to the world. Rip gave him a safety deposit box key he'd registered 70 years earlier. When rip was leaving Starkiller's head had cleared and he thanked him for his help and training. Rip said "goodbye Corky", to which Starkiller said, "I never really was Corky, and now I am even less so. You were right to call me Starkiller because that is who I am" Rip agreed and disappeared into the timestream. When Starkiller opened the safety deposit box he found 2 IBM stock certificates from 1925, based on value to date and stock division, worth 1.2 million dollars. He laughed since Rip must have known this would happen all along and needed it to happen for some reason, but he trusted the time traveler to always do what needed to be done. So he set himself up and waited for whatever was going to happen.

Making A Friend

He began hero questing; looking for situations where heroes were in trouble and helping them out. The first instance of this was in Little Bohemia while Grodd was attempting to deevolve the citizens of Metropolis. A hero named Storm Divide was fighting a group of gorilla lieutenants but was seriously out numbered. Starkiller swooped in, now that he'd learned he could fly, and pulled the inexperienced hero out of harms way. The hero only huffed at Starkiller telling him he shouldn't have interfered. This was the reaction of many heroes he helped; he was loosing faith in the heroes as a whole until he went to Mexico and saw a battle from overhead that shocked him. Two tiny people with wings were fighting a garrison of Brainiac troops and they were holding their own against the robots. But just as he had that thought a huge explosion blew the two tiny warriors apart, one of them was sent through a portal, which closed, and the other looked to be dead. But then she moved and began attacking. Her little body was fighting as hard as it could but she wasn’t getting through the Brainiac adaptive armor. Starkiller couldn't let that be the end. He flew down from the cloud belt as fast as possible accumulating and freezing water vapor around his body the whole way down. By the time he reached the ground he was over 10 feet tall.  He blasted the drones with screaming attacks; throwing ice shards and arctic winds. The small woman was picking up on his attacks shattering enemies he froze and doing something that felt like it was strengthening him and healing his injuries almost as soon as he received them. The pair decimated the remaining Brainiac forces. Once the fighting was done Starkiller got a good look at the tiny woman, she was about two feet tall but in perfect proportion, long dark hair, and golden skin, with a pair of stunning dragonfly like wings. She began to introduced herself saying "I’m Ma...” then stopped and said “my name is Lisianthus". He said, "well Lisi I heard Mexicans were short but you're kind of ridiculous." She huffed and started to fly away, he stopped her and told her he was only teasing. She explained that she was a faerie but the last one in our reality. He suggested that since she was alone and they made such a good team they should stick together.

Firend or Foe

Soon after Starkiller founds another hero trying to escape a group of soulless thralls chasing him through metropolis' Chinatown. An apprentice magnet cut off the heroe’s escape and the thralls piled on top of him preparing to consume him. Starkiller swooped in and wiped away all the minions with his ice blast. The hero's name was Fritz and he was putting together a group who wanted to team for mutual support. Recognizing Starkiller's great potential Fritz knew his fledgling Shadow Clan needed the ice warrior. Starkiller had grown very attached to Lisianthus and didn't want to do anything that would leave her on her own again, so he agreed to join shadow clan but only if "lisi" joined as well. Ultimately the both of them did join. Starkiller was a great influence on Fritz encouraging him to develop his fire abilities to match his own ice powers. Soon the league was a well-oiled machine and with the addition of a few new members they were making a difference. Starkiller and Fritz made an amazing pair of protective elemental barriers for the team against damage. Together the Shadow Clan assaulted the Batcave when it came under the control of Brother Eye who had been corrupted by Brainiac. So effective was their team that Superman himself asked them to help him purge the Fortress of Solitude of Brainiac control. Captain Qwark, the strategist of the team, put together a strong plan using the Fortress schematics that Superman had provided. The plan called for a very select 8 person team to take a specific route through the caverns under the fortress where they would avoid the majority of the security and come up inside a crossing corridor that would lead them to the Sunstone AI. In the meantime Superman would engage Brainiac's control ship floating above, diverting security forces from the incursion areas. Everyone was given their tasks, Starkiller was to stand front and center and absorb as much incoming fire as possible with Fritz alongside doing the same; Lisi and Vox Dominae were to enhance healing, set up shielding, and handicap enemy attacks; Captain Qwark and Owl were to set up traps and otherwise confuse and disorient attack forces; while Repulsor and Sofaking would destroy any enemies blocking the groups forward progress. When they began the assault all was smooth, Superman was drawing significant forces and they were meeting limited resistance. After about fifteen minutes though everything fell apart. The team came to a fork in the cavern and there was hesitation on which direction to go. Qwark shouted to go left, he had studied the cavern floor plans for hours and knew exactly where they needed to be. But Fritz screamed no and barreled ahead to the right, he had seen the schematics too and thought he knew better. The rest of the group didn't know what to do so Qwark told everyone to stay together. The group caught up with Fritz where Repulsor grabbed him and tried to pull him back the other way, Vox was draining his mystical reserves to cast uninterrupted energy barriers to protect everyone from the bolts of death and deadly punches being thrown at them but the group was getting too far apart and his powers were beginning to wane. Fritz continued to argue that his way was correct despite Qwarks repeated pleas for him to listen. Fritz pulled out of Repulsors grip and sent a fire blast at his head, the fire bounced off the shield Vox had created but the strain caused all the shields to weaken. Repulsor sent a gut punch into Fritz breaking the shield and doubling him over. Fritz stumbled down a small slope and saw that this path had indeed been a dead end. When everyone managed to get down to him and look around the corner they realized their plight. All they could do was attempt to fight through the now alerted and reinforced security, infiltrating was no longer an option; escape was going to be difficult enough. As the group began to reform ranks for the fight back to the surface, The strain of the blows from Repulsor and Fritz along with the external attacks was too much for Vox and he collapsed along with all protection he was providing. A pulse beam shot through the air and struck Sofaking just above the ear and he fell. Lisianthus rushed to the two downed heroes and attempted to use her powers of nature to infuse their bodies with adrenaline and healing herbs, but found that Sofaking was dead and Vox was unconscious from exhaustion. Qwark urged everyone to stick with the plan but Fritz was too panicked and didn't think the group could make it with two members down, he ordered everyone to abandon Vox for the sake of the group. Repulsor was determined for them to all get out and gave them a great chance by calling forth a volcano from the ground that stunned or destroyed all the advancing enemies. The attack provided an opening large enough that the group could wedge a way through for all of them but Fritz would not listen, he saw the opening as his chance and he rushed through, leaving everyone else behind. He forced his way passed the mass of stunned or downed enemies, which resulted in the enemy forces closing ranks again eliminating any escape route. He hit the emergency teleport and abandoned the group. The rest of the team, now three men down, were left in a terrible spot, Repulsor had used nearly all his strength to call forth the volcano and even with Lisianthus providing a pheromone boost he was barely standing. Starkiller was preparing himself to bear the brunt of the onslaught when the roof collapsed and searing beams of heat began to cut down the enforcers. A familiar red and blue outline appeared in the tunnel, Superman had seen the volcano and knew something had gone wrong so he broke off his diversionary attack to come check on the group. With Superman’s help they were able to get to safety. The price of this failure was high, now aware of the weakness in his fortification Braniac increased the strength of all the security enforcers, turrets, drones, and dominators in the FOS. This plan would not work again. The aftermath of this failure was catastrophic to the Shadow Clan as well. Not only had Brainiac broadcast edited footage of the leagues implosion and failure all over the world but also Fritz was becoming completely unfit for leadership. Fritz felt Repulsor had made him look a fool by knocking him down. He also blamed Repulsor for his cowardice sighting that had Repulsor not given him an opportunity he never would have run away. The league buried Sofaking and afterward the majority of the league returned to the league hall to confront Fritz, who had not attended the service. Starkiller remained to pay his respects, no mater how many memories of death he had he never thought he'd be able to get used to it. When he finally did return to the league hall it was in shambles, Repulsor's name was ripped out of the league charter and the rumor was that the Vox family and Captain Qwark had quit the league. Starkiller kept in touch with the three other heroes but felt a kinship to the hero he'd helped beat off dozens of soulless thralls so long before. Fritz, though, seemed to have no characteristics of that man and was growing more unstable by the day. The slowly fraying leader issued edict after edict commanding the lives of his league mates. He issued a command that no further action was to be taken by the league without his direct approval, Starkiller did not agree so when he was asked by the Gotham police to help raid an Intergang stronghold he agreed. He did not expect to find a voicemail message on the Intergang answering machine from Fritz warning them of the impending raid nor did he expect the place to be wired with bombs, but he did and it was. 3 swat officers died in the blast and all evidence of Fritz's betrayal was destroyed in the fire but Starkiller knew and he was getting answers. He barged into the meeting room which fritz had now arranged like a throne room, he demanded an explanation for the betrayal. Fritz demanded an explanation for the disobedience. Starkiller told him "obedience is for dogs, I am a man". Fritz fired back with an insult to Starkiller's manhood. The ice warrior tore off his belt insignia, threw it into Fritz's face, and stormed out. He passed Lisi on the way out and whispered to her to get out too.


For a time Starkiller followed the solitary path of a wandering hero; no ties or associations, helping whomever needed him. This path led him into deep space. He had been called by the Zamarans to help them fend off the attacking forces of the Spider Guild. Being that the race is made up of drones they had no love on which the Star Sapphire rings could manipulate the invaders. So being reduced to power blasts their rings were no better than powerful guns, and despite their power level the Star Sapphires are not a military force. So the queen of Zamaran enlisted each of the star sapphires to recruit one champion to battle for them. Starkiller entered the battle with a force of warriors from throughout the galaxy but the sheer numbers of spider guild drones were over running them. Starkiller's defensive abilities were preventing him from being harmed but the spiders were an asteroid born race capable of living in the vacuum of space so his freezing powers could hardly hurt them. Fire seemed to be the only effective counter attack but they had too few flame units. After a month of battle the spider guild had over run the majority of Zamaran, only the capital city remained. The next attack would see the defenses completely overrun. A Zamaran scientist who had fallen in love with Starkiller had developed a theory regarding his powers. The chronal exobyte energies he'd been part of allowed him to draw on the absolute zero entropic forces at the end of time but she also believed that he had the ability to draw on the tremendous temperatures within the Big Bang if they could only find a way to switch him. She knew that gravity was key; the beginning of the universe expresses overwhelming gravity compressed infinitely while, as time progresses to the end, the universe is moving ever toward weaker gravity. Knowing it was their only hope to save the planet, Starkiller had himself encased in a violet crystal casing and was thrown into the highest gravity phenomenon in the area, a nearby collapsing sun. The combined power of the remaining Star Sapphires was used to accelerate the stars collapse. Once it was collapsed, floating where it had been, was Starkiller; he was unconscious but alive. Yet again he was a StarKiller. When he awoke he could create and manipulate fire, but his ice powers were gone. An unexpected side effect was that the chronal energies he had inside him also became conciously manipulatable to him; he could control time and warp space.  Using these powers Starkiller was able to lead the charge on the spider guild and drive them back.  

When Starkiller returned to earth he joined some of his fellow Shadow Clan exiles in the new league, Blackguard Saints, where he helped to free the Fortress of Solitude A.I. of Brainiac control, rescue Themyscara from the Avatar of Magic, and put a stop to Eclipso's drive for power. He also serves as one of the councilors of the league mentoring young heroes and providing the Trivium with perspective when needed.

Powers and Abilities

Fire manipulation

Time dilation 

Gravity manipulation

Warping of space time

Massive time and fire detonations 


50 years of experience

50 years of unknowns: accessable by telepaths

Time energy
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Real Name Unknown
Current Alias Starkiller
AliasesKiller, Corkey Baxter
RelativesRandy (mother Anecdotaly) Serati (supposed brother)
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Shadow Clan, Fritz Sucks
Base Of Operations.Downtown, Metropolis
Marital StatusSingle
Weight192 (87kg)
Special FeaturesNone
Created ByDavid Mejia 

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