The Rules



         Torosis is a ceasless warrior who will never stop until the job is done.  Laser focused he is as unmovable as a mountain.  Just don't be pulled into a debate with him... you will find yourself burried under that mountain. 

-- Captain Qwark



The Zodiac Symbiosis

For the entirety of time the Zodiac was an amorphous collection of concepts with loose connection to animals, symbols, or constellations. What wasn't known was that each had life and consciousness. The Celestial Zodiac are omniscient and responsible for claiming every life engendered in the universe. When life is created, long before biological conception, the life force is tested by the Celestial Zodiac to determine what qualities it is likly to display in life. The entities judge the life that will be born and bandy with one another as to which of their number shall have dominion over the life that is to come.  Once the decision is made the life force is given a birthdate in accordance with and in corespondace to the lunar cycle at the center of the multiverse, otherwise known as Earth 1.  The Celestial Zodiac and the life forces under its sign have a symbiosis. While the Zodiac is able to strengthen aspects of the living being so too is the collective strengthened when acts within its sway are perpetrated by the living being.  Imagine a farmer with a field;  The farmer is the zodiac entity and the living being is the field.  As the farmer gives water and nurishment and protects the field from harm so the field yeilds crops to the farmer.  Both are nurished by each other.  For example if a life force/spirit/soul is claimed by Leo the being who is born to that life force will be able to draw on Leo for strength or leadership, when that living being demonstrates great pride then the enitiy that is Leo is strengthened.   But if something has gone wrong and the living being does not exhibit the qualities of its patron zodiac then the collective is weakened and the qualities that are presented are lost.   To clarify if someone claimed by Aquarius demonstrates stubbornness instead of nonchalance then the influx of an opposing quality negates an incoming complimentary quality, additionally Taurus is prohibited from claiming that excess "stuborness energy" because only one entity may claim each spirit.  That energy is lost to the Ether.  Over the billions of years of life among trillionis of worlds the lost energy, though a fraction of the whole, grew and grew; particularly as life began to become more complex.  This unclaimed energy coalesced into the Dragon Zodiac.

The Dragons and The Conflict

Ultimatly avitars manifested and a new amorphous collective formed along side the Celestial Zodiac.  These newly born entities were also tethered to the multiversal center but because of their lesser power pool they were bound by solar cycles instead of lunar ones and as such their charges were based in years not months.  For millennia the two zodiacs were unaware of one another until a sorcerer king attempted to strengthen his army using the powers of the Celestial Zodiac. The army did grow stronger,  but after defeating all the king's enemies the army splintered into factions and began waring with each other.  The sorcerer king tried to to use the power of the Dragon Zodiac to reverse the effects of his first spell.  When the Dragons descended and found the army already in possession of zodiac energies they were envious and destroyed the army.  With these armies destroyed a sudden backlash of power called the attention of the Celestial Zodiac and they came face to face with the Dragons.  The two factions immediately went to war.   For generations they fought one another using the people of the universe as their pawns. The war lasted until the Guardians of Oa Caged Paralax and discovered the existance of the Emotional Entities.  The Oans learned a crude control over the entity of Will (Ion), siphoning it's power of will for their own. The two Zodiacs' own strengths were very similarly derived as the emotional entities so they naturally feared imprisonment themselves.  An unsteady truce between the Zodiac and the Dragons was decided on.  The two groups would remain within their ethereal realms and would only indirectly influence the universe.  Every celestial decade, just under 143 earth years, the two factions would have a contest for the right to influence the living beings of the universe.  These contests would involve choosing a champion of their sign and placing trials in front of them.  Whomever's champions were more successful that group would then guide the cosmos for the next celestial decade.  In time the two zodiacs turned from uneasy allies to colleagues and finally friends.  By the modern times they had completely left their animosity in the past and work alongside one another, but still they hold their contest.  At the begining of the current celestial decade they chose earth as their competition ground and humans as their champions.  A man named Weimer Herrenvolk, a high ranking but shadowy manipulator of the nazi party in 1942, learned from Belial the power of the Zodiac and of their impending competition on earth.  Belial also taught him how to use this information to his best benefit.  As the Zodiac competition grew near Herrenvolk used his influence to arrange for people to be taken into camps.  He and the Nazi leaders would arrest people based on a nationalist agenda.  He then scoured the camps using torture methods when necessary to learn prisoners exact time of birth.  Those who were born within the most perfect alignment of their sign, it was said these were the most favored to their Zodiac sires, were marked out.  Out of the hundreds of thousands of prisoners, he identified 2400 people.  There were 100 individules to represent each sign of each zodiac.  He then killed them all to satisfy the mass sacrifice rituals he had learned.  The ritual ripped the Celestial Zodiac and the Dragons out of their ethereal realm and into the mortal realm   The mortal realm could not contain them and both they and it were being torn apart by their presence.  Herrenvolk had prepared for this, he set up 24 crystals which were in reality tears of the fabled Sphinx.  Such tears were in fact alive and would be capable of containing and sustaining the entities.  As soon as the Zodiac emerged they were drawn into the tears.  Herrenvolk collected his prizes and placed them into two groups.  Little did he know but,  as servants of the divine order, the Celestial Zodiac were protected. The One Above All sent the spirit of devine wrath, later known as Eclipso, to free his servants.  During the battle Herrenvolk used the powers granted by the Zodiac to weaken the spirit of wrath and sowed the seeds of pride and grander in him, which would in time lead to the angel's downfall.  In the battle the crystals holding the Celestial Zodiac were shattered causing fatal wounds to Herrenvolk.  With Herrenvolk dead and the Celestial Zodiac freed, and since he had no mandate to free the Dragon Zodiac, the spirit of wrath departed.  Unable to remain on the mortal plain the Celestial Zodiac could do nothing to help their friends.  The power of the Dragon Zodiac was enough to revive Herrenvolk from the dead but left his body severly scarred.  He escaped with the Dragons.

Distribution of Powers

Herrenvolk was able to weild the power he desired, however, the nature of the zodiac is balance.  Everything has an opposite and to wield all the Dragons he was imbued with fortitude and stubbornness, with guile and cowardice, with friendliness and obsession it was not long before he was driven mad by the conflicting pull of the signs.  The maddness turned him from one type of monster into another, he become the super villain called Horrorscope. The Celestial Zodiac were free but they realized that they had only barely escaped and resolved to protect themselves from future attacks by placing their power into avatars.  They also wanted to free the Dragons from captivity since the spirit of wrath was intent on doing nothing. The Celestial Zodiac searched the Cosmos to find worthy and willing vessels for their power.  Some Zodiacs chose to place their power in objects which while in possession of a living being would imbue the owners with great powers, others placed their power into animals to which they granted sentience, but the majority chose people.  All but Taurus chose adult vessels who when they died would pass their power on to another chosen by the zodiac. Taurus chose to engender the birth of his scion within a barren woman who despite being told she was barren would not stop trying.  This stubborn strength made her the perfect choice for mothering the aviator of Taurus.  She even named the child Taurus.  Taurus was raised to be an intractable defender of law and order.  Not surprisingly he went into police work as a career by day and served the community with his powers at night as Mach Der Stier.  He fought alone and with the other avatars and people in possession of avitar artifacts as part of the group named the New Zodiac.  They very often would face Horrorscope and despite the numbers advantage, The New Zodiac were consistantly unable to defeat the villain.   Horrorscope's personal power overwhelmed them and in 25 years they only were able to free one of the dragons, the rabbit.   Taurus would become a member of Interpol and be transferred to Italy where he met a wife and would have a son he named Torosis after the Italian word for bull.  

The Rise of Torosis

Torosis inherited all the power of Taurus and it was intended he would take the mantle of avatar of Taurus and join the new zodiac.  However; Torosis, as stubborn as the bull, did not like the path his life was meant to take and fled his destiny.  He relocated to the USA where he found a menial job as a package handler.  When Brainiac invaded he knew he could not pretend to be powerless anymore.  He was still too stubborn to return to take his fathers place in the New Zodiac; instead he wanted to make a name for himself. He found the Blackguard Saints, a group of heroes who were also coming into their own, and joined them to fight tyranny and evil.   Secretly his father has seen his work and can't be more proud.

The Strength of Torosis

As a member of the Blackguard Saints Torosis has been a valuable and insightful asset.  The strength he carries brings even the most powerful of enemies to their knees.  His cornorstone contribution may have been during the a conflict with The Star Sapphires.  During an incursion onto Zamaron the Blackguard Saints had reached a point of no return.  Starkiller, who had lived on Zamoron before and knew its people, was very resistant to making a violent attack.  Using his ability to alter his mass Torosis was able to alter the gravity of the caverns that the team were attempting to pass through.  Doing this pulled all the Star Saphire guards off their balance and made subdueing them simple without causing more than minor harm.  Once through the maze of tunnels the Blackguard Saints found themselves face to face with Wonder Woman and Carol Ferris both very firmly under the influence of the Preadator.  Unable to use the same trick on these two very powerful women the team began their attempts to pacify the two women.  Torosis planted himself in the center of the room and grabbed hold of both women, he refused to let them go no matter how they beat at him or struggled to free themselves.  Using a combination of psycic hypnosis, sleep pollin, time dilation, sleep darts, and spells Wonder Woman was incapacitated.  This allowed Torosis to focus his full attention on Carol Ferris.  He was near a rage from all the punishment he had taken but he was too stuborn to allow it to change his planed course.  He placed her in a rear naked choke and the more she struggled the more she was rendered unconcious.  Once all the fight was out of her the Predator released its control and she returned to herself.  Because of Torosis the team and the two women were able to make it off Zamaron in ONE PIECE.

The Rage of Torosis

Vox Eterna had been undergoing training to become a Blue Lantern for several months in order to rid himself of the Red Ring that had forcibly attached itself to him.  The day came that he was finally to be inducted into the Blue Corps.  Brother Warth and Saint Walker both arrived and prepared the League Hall for the Ceremony.  At the moment the Blue Ring was placed on Vox's finger the Red ring flew off.  It circled the room twice and before Saint Walker could make it secure it had attached itself to Torosis.  It said "Torosis of Earth you have great rage in your heart, welcome to the Red Lantern Corps."  The ring Pulsed and glowed and attempted to alter Torosis by making him disgorge the blood from his body to be replaced by Rage Plasma.  Torosis made a fist, looked down at the ring, and said "No.".  The ring began to sputter and the voice declared "Torosis of Earth you are not compatible."  It tried to remove itself from his hand but it could not break his grip, he altered the mass of his finger slightly to make his knuckle to big for the ring to fit over.  Eventually the AI in the ring gave up trying to escape and submited to the much more dominant will of Torosis.  He weilds the rage as he sees fit and against the enimies he chooses, with his other strengths this makes torosis one of the most powerful meta humans on earth.

Powers and Abilities


Solidify: Can manifest any power necessary to become solid and impenitrable

Stoic: Can manifest any power that can exponentially multiply his vitality

Protect: Can manifest any power to sheild himself

Charge: Can manifest any power necessary to pull or push enemies

Root: Can manifest any power that prevents him from being moved, lifted, tossed, or pushed

With Red Lantern Ring
Galing eruption

Evicerating Chain

Deadly Blast

Severe Punishment




Weapon proficient

Unwavering focus and dedication to a task



┬ęPPCIV 2015


Real Name Torosis
Current Alias Torosis
AliasesAvatar of Taurus, Zodiac of Taurus
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Bully Busters
Base Of Operations.Steelworks, Metropolis
Marital StatusSingle
OccupationPackage Handler
Weight167lb (74kg)
Special Features
Created ByJohnny Chuck Chung

Buu Man