The Rules


         If you harm any of me, you harm all of me and we shall avenge myself.

-- VoX Eterna



Prior to becoming a gen-exo Peter Paul Anadria was an American stage performer whom in 2009 was awarded, by Guinness, the title of strongest voice in the world. Capable of producing sonic vibrations that could break panes of glass and rattle small objects Peter was also able to deftly navigate complex melodies with perfect pitch absent the aid of a microphone. Additionally to his unique singing talent, and no less impressive, was the range of his acting skill. It was said of him by the once renowned master of faces Basil Karlo; “He immerses himself inside a character and can reproduce their deepest emotions more so than anyone beside me, it is like he transforms into them. His mannerisms change, his speech patterns, he even seems to look different.” At the peek of his career Peter was coerced into performing a very specific role in a play The Scarecrow had written. The play had been specially designed to combine hypnotism, environmental triggers, and thematic content with a chemical toxin to destroy the minds of the audience. The Scarecrow had securede Peter's services by destroying a hospital children's wing and threatening to do the same every week.  Peter endured weeks of rehersals and brainwashing. The Scarecrow wired the theatre to trigger all the effects off of Peter’s voice but should he miss a cue each seat had an explosive that would kill every person in attendance. Peter had no choice but to perform the play as written. Approximately two thirds through the show the audience was in a trance and were prepared to receive the final blow of the shows climax when Red Robin burst through the backstage door and brought down the main curtain. With the audience safe from the pshyciatric danger, Red Robin chased the fleeing Scarecrow into the sewers. Peter wasn’t sure what was happening but he knew the explosives would detonate if he stopped his performance. With the curtain down he could not see the audience and had no idea who was still in danger. Peter knew the explosives were still rigged to blow if he did not finish the performance.  With the curtain down this left him the only person exposed to the chemical and psycological effects being transmitted, Unwilling to allow any harm to come to anyone else he continued through the climax even though he knew the strain would most likly destroy his mind. After a brief chase Red Robin was able to apprehend the Scarecrow who smiled and croaked out, "I win." Red Robin returned to the theatre to make sure everyone was alright. Sadly he was too late to help Peter; who, forced to internalize all the heavy emotional burdens of his character combined with the close proximity to the dispersion of chemicals, had fallen into a fugue state. Red Robin was just in time to hear him deliver the last line of the play and collapse which bought triumphant cackling to Scarecrow who exclaimed he had at least gotten one. Red Robin had thought he was being heroic by making sure to capture the scarecrow but once the curtain was raised and the hundreds of explosives were found under the entranced patrons it was clear who was the hero. Scarecrow goaded Red Robin all the way to Arkham; playinig on the man’s guilt; telling him the whole plan and indicating that Red Robin would have been less cruel to kill Peter then to leave him there while the hero chased the villain. Racked by guilt Red Robin arranged for the Wayne Foundation to assure the best psychological care for Peter. Institutionalized at Arkham Asylum, Peter soon emerged from the fugue state with no memory of himself and indeed claimed to be Paul Anadria, Peter’s twin brother. A day later he was Peter again and asking if everyone was ok after the performance as if he had just woken up. Two days after that he was claiming to be Anadria Paul, Peter’s twin sister. Dr. Alyce Sinner theorized the trauma had caused a pre-existing condition, which Peter relied on to tap into such varied emotional worlds for his characters, to progress to full Dissociative Identity Disorder with three completely independent dominant personas emerging. Peter spent six months at Arkham’s non-criminal minimum-security wing trying to reintegrate his “alters” with no success. So instead he decided to learn to live with them. He had frequent visits from Tim Drake and spent many weekends at the Wayne Manor. During one visit by Tim, Peter informed him that he knew his secret; that he was Red Robin. Tim was stunned and wanted to know how he had guessed. Peter’s long study of human behavior had allowed him to note that they both walk the same way and speak in the same rhythms if not the same voice. Peter began to coach Tim to mask his behavioral habits as an actor does when inhabiting a new role. During a visit to Wayne Manor over Thanksgiving Paul emerged and made the same observation of Damion Wayne, Casandra Cain, and Helena Bertinelli identifying each in turn as Robin, Batgirl, and Huntress based off of news footage he had seen and their behavior that day. Bruce Wayne was mortified at this, never letting it show that he was Batman. Indeed Paul never suspected, even pointing out that Bruce had absolutely no physical similarities to the caped crusader. Bruce begged Paul to never let anyone know what he had discovered, to which Paul agreed. Alyce Sinner saw an opportunity in Peter spending so much time with the Waynes. She intended to therapeutically induce a fourth personality from Peter, one that would have a skewed moral compass. When she could not achieve this she began to attempt to corrupt Anadria who had shown to be the most impulsive of the alters, but the moral sense inborn in the trio was too strong and would not be budged. Sensing his treatment had taken a sinister turn Peter attempted to check himself out of Arkham, a move which Alyce Sinner did not approve. So she attempted to have Peter declared mentally incompetent and committed permanently to her care. Her full plan was never revealed but was indicated to have to do with her fulfillment of “greed” as she signed his commitment papers she was playing with a ribbon from her hair with the word “Greed” on it. The Commitment hearing was anticipated to be a foregone conclusion when Alyce, while cross examining Peter, forced him to shift to Anadria who’s temper she knew she could manipulate. But just then Red Robin arrived in court with the entire Bat Family plus Bruce Wayne. They all had come to speak as character witnesses for Peter, Paul, and Anadria. They spoke for each of them separately as individual people who could be productive members of society on their own or together. Bruce Wayne offered that he already had a job in mind for them. The judge ruled that commitment was unnecessary so long as Peter had such a strong support system to draw on. He was released on condition that he have a court appointed mentor. Bruce Wayne’s status as a court appointed guardian in the past allowed him to fill that role. Shortly after, Batman revealed himself to Peter and told him the job he had spoke of at the trial was to train all of Batman Inc to mask their habitual tendencies as he had with Red Robin. Which Peter did.


On bytenight everything changed. Anadria woke up on the street, which was not all that strange given her psychological condition, but when she began to dust herself off she realized she had breasts. She rushed into the nearest boutique, a fetish wear shop. She found a bathroom and discovered she had indeed physically become a woman. The sales woman came in and asked if she could help and Anadria asked her to pick out an outfit for her. The saleswoman wasn’t surprised since many people were afraid their first time in a fetish shop. The saleswoman returned with a corset and a short leather strip skirt. Anadria put them on and started crying with delight and admiring herself in the mirror. In her excitement she hadn’t realized that she was melting the porcelain sink under her hands until it fell off the wall. Water flew out of the exposed pipe and turned to steam as soon as it hit her. In her surprise she manifested a fireball that caught the mirror on fire. She rushed out of the store as fast as she could and headed home to call Tim. But the cascading emotions caused her to have an alter episode and shift to Peter. Peter woke up on the street, which was not strange considering his psychological condition, but when he began to dust himself off he realized that he was wearing a corset and skirt. This was strange because Anadria never wanted to be seen in woman’s clothes while still having a man's body so she simply dressed androgynously. Then he heard a snide comment, not strange given his appearance. Then another and another, he was shocked at how judgmental and vocal people were being. Then he noticed people were staring but no one was moving their mouths when they talked. He wished he could just disappear and all the voices gasped and exclaimed at how he had vanished. He arrived at home and changed clothes. He called Bruce Wayne immediately and got Alfred who said that Bruce was called away suddenly, which meant trouble. So he called Dick Grasyson who was also out, and tim, and Helena. It wasn’t until he called Barbara Gordon that he got an answer. He had never actually met Barbara but he’d been given her number as an emergency contact. Brabara told Peter what was happening on earth in regard to the exogenesis event. When he explained about him being able to read minds and make himself appear invisible she concluded he must have been one of the affected. She promised to have someone contact him soon. When five o’clock came around his neighbors began to come home from work. His apartment was a central unit so he had neighbors on all sides of him plus above and below. Once they got close enough he started to be able to hear their thoughts, more and more of them, nothing he did would drown them out so he ran out hoping to find an open area in the park. He never made it that far, as soon as he got to the streets he was hit with a tidal wave of thoughts. The stress caused him to have an alter episode and shift to Paul. Paul woke up on the street which was not strange considering his psychological condition, but when he began to dust himself off he realized that he was wearing clothes at least one size too big for him. His pants were too long and his sleeves were hanging over his hands. He felt like he was twelve and trying on his father’s clothes. He started on his way home to change when he caught a glimpse of himself in a storefront window. He had a slightly different face and his build physically was more defined, he also seemed to be shorter. At that thought he levitated about a foot off the ground. A passing motorist saw this and crashed into a light pole. Paul rushed over. Once he got the door opened Paul saw the man was bleeding out of his head and his arm was broken. Paul attempted to wipe away the blood from the head wound to see how bad it was but when he touched the wound it healed. Then Paul touched the broken arm and watched as the compound fracture mended before his eyes. Paul rushed home and saw a note on the coffee table that read: “Exogenesis- Justice League knows-we have super powers-be careful-stay home-someone coming.” The news was showing all the destruction from the new heroes and villains emerging, the world was in chaos and the various super teams were doing their best to contain it. In the USA The national guard and Checkmate were in major cities trying to maintain order and avoid panic and the president instituted a national curfew. The curfew was set for 8 pm at which time official announcements were to be made. At 8pm the president came on the television and deferred the podium to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, a sight never before seen. The three legendary heroes urged calm and informed the public of a threat that was coming. They warned that this threat would be too much for them to handle alone; that new heroes would need to rise up but no one would be forced. Anyone who found themselves with new powers could receive mentorship from one of the many heroes both active and retired who had volunteered; a 24-hour hotline for anonymous guidance was flashed. Also hero workshops being scheduled throughout the major cities for those interested in seeing if they had the skills and disposition. Then the broadcast went to static and was hijacked. Appearing on the monitor were Vandal Savage, Ras Al Goul, Etrigan, and Kid Karnevil. The villains introduce themselves as the Immortality Syndicate and made a counter proposal. They flashed their own untraceable number for anyone who wanted freedom to use their new powers as they saw fit. When the broadcast returned to normal Batman was gone and Wonder Woman urged people not to be fooled by lofty promises. There was no conflict in Paul’s mind about what he would do and he hoped his alters felt the same. The next morning Anadria woke up to a knocking at the door. She rolled out of bed and answered the door where she found Tim Drake. Tim was surprised and assumed Anadria was a girlfriend so he asked for Peter or Paul. Anadria was barely awake so she didn’t remember that she looked different and told him to stop messing around. But when she heard her voice she remembered, she grabbed Tim and pulled him inside. The two talked about what had happened in the last couple days, some of which to her surprise Anadria remembered, even things that happened when Peter or Paul were in control. Tim offered to take her to the nearest workshop. She went to get dressed but found there were no clothes except the leather stuff she accidentally stole the day before. She put on some of the men’s clothes and found they didn’t fit. She hadn’t realized before but she was over 6 feet tall. Forcing on whatever she could she begged Tim to take her shopping before the meeting so she could get a proper outfit. They stopped at a local Target where she got stockings, a bra, a dress, a pair of boots, and a jacket after trying on most of the women’s section. Tim was about to loose his mind when she finally decided on an outfit. As they waited in line to pay for their items two men rushed in displaying a variety of super powers and demanding money from everyone in the store. Panicked people tried to rush out the doors but found them frozen shut. Tim backed away from the checkout line into the accessories section where he put a scarf around his face and handed a hat and dark glasses to Anadria. He told her that hero training was starting early and put the hat and glasses on her. Anadria was terrified but followed as Tim turned on his Red Robin self. He went flipping over the cash register and tackled one of the robbers. She sent herself at a full run toward the other, but before she hit him he froze the ground at her feet causing her to slip and slide into the shopping carts. He came over to her and put his hand on her chest and she felt it start to freeze. As she began to panic under his weight she felt her core start to warm. She continued to let that feeling build until her whole body burst into flame. The attacker was forced to move off her and realized ice was a poor match for fire so he tried to run away. Without thinking she increased her heat to create a backdraft. This pulled the now fleeing criminal to her, which allowed her to send a flaming fist into his jaw rendering him unconscious. Red Robin had been equally successful in defeating his opponent and was walking him toward Anadria tied up with belts. Anadria was about to take off the hat and sunglasses when Tim stopped her, he said: “lesson one, if you reveal your powers you do not reveal your identity.” At that moment as her adrenaline crashed she shifted into Peter. Tim saw the change and got Peter out of sight before anyone else could see. They waited for the police to come pick up the two robbers and continued to the meeting. When Tim asked what if anything Peter remembered he said: “lesson one, if you reveal your powers you do not reveal your identity.” As Peter thought back he began to remember more but he wasn’t remembering he was using his new psychic powers to read the part of his mind that was Anadria. As he pieced together the events he felt her being frozen and a wave of freezing energy pulsed out of him causing snow to come out of the air conditioning vents. When he felt her ignite her core a tree he was looking at, out the window, burst into flame. Finally at the meeting he kept the hat and glasses on despite many others choosing to forgo secret identities. Out of the 200 who arrived at the first meeting only 40 saw the program through to the end. All three alters gained mastery over their various powers over the next few months. During which time Peter returned to the stage, Paul began teaching speech, and anadria worked as a lounge singer, where they all learned they had one super ability that they shared: the ability to destroy with their voice. The already intense ability they possessed with their voice before bytenight had been amplified a thousand fold, what had been a parlor trick was now a full and deadly sonic shout. As villain activity increased and the Brainiac invasion began they had many opportunities to practice and become experts of their powers.
When Brainiac made his big push into the major cities Peter decide it was time they develop super hero identities aside from a hat and dark glasses. They were getting better at communicating with one another especially when Peter could use his telepathy, but that technique wasn’t always reliable. They all agreed to the name Vox, the latin word for voice, to reference their shared power. Peter chose the ankh as his symbol and the surname Eterna, meaning eternity, to reference the cycle of death and rebirth he experienced every time he switched to an alter. Paul chose the pentacle as his symbol and the surname Dominae, meaning of the gods, to reference his power's connection to otherworldly forces. Anadria chose the eye of Ra as her symbol because Ra is the sun god and the sun is on fire, she took the surname Anna because she thought it was a fun play on words. Peter and Paul being near identical twins chose to keep themselves looking the same by wearing all black with a trench coat and mask. Peter’s mask was pointed and Paul’s was rounded for differentiation. Anna knew exactly what she would wear. Her costume became the first outfit she ever had as a woman, the leather corset and strap skirt with a pair of boots and a mask. Once all their costumes were decided on Peter took them to Bruce Wayne who had developed a process for superheroes’ clothing to protect it against the most vigorous conditions. Their identities in hand and their costumes sorted they began their fight.

The Saints

Vox Eterna was the first one to meet Captain Qwark while attempting to remove the H.I.V.E. from the Metropolis Metrodome. They were successful in thwarting Zaszzala and went on to fight together often over the next couple weeks. Vox Dominae also fought alongside Captain Qwark, as did Vox Anna. One day after Returning power to the Stryker's Island generators, again, Captain Qwark and Vox Eterna decided to stop and have lunch in Chinatown before returning to Gotham. While at lunch Qwark said he had started a league of heroes and wanted to know if Vox would join. With Vox’s condition he didn’t think he a group environment was a good idea so he declined. Qwark would not give up though convincing Vox that everyone needs backup from time to time. Eventually Vox gave in but warned Qwark that he might not like what he gets. Vox Eterna requested they go slow integrating him into the group. Qwark inquired if Vox had seen the other “Voxes” running around to which Vox reluctantly admitted they were his brother and sister. Thrilled at the prospect of three new members Qwark tried to convince him to bring his siblings along into the new league. Vox told him that might be possible but that it wouldn’t be like three new members since family commitments forced two of them to be off duty at all times. Qwark thought nothing of this thinking they ran a family business or had a relative who needed care. He gave Vox his newest "toy", a subwave carrier communications device that another member of his league, Macromaid, had invented. It was in the shape of an “S”. When Vox asked why an “s” Qwark told him: “Because we’re The Saints.” Later that night Qwark and another hero were engaged in a loosing battle with a throng of Brainiac sentinels. Vox rushed in and helped them turn the tide. Once the battle was done Qwark introduced Vox to the other man who was another member of The Saints named Drednot. Soon after, Qwark told Vox he was calling a meeting of the whole league to tell them that their newest member was Vox Eterna. Vox was very against this idea since he didn’t want to be the center of attention but Qwark reassured him that the intention was to tell the league of his membership so when they did meet him it would not be a surprise. The day of the meeting came and Paul was home making dinner when the wave carrier began screaming an alarm. Paul knew it was an alarm for Peter but he didn’t know what or how to respond, so he tried to call peter out and he did. Peter “awoke” and heard the alarm. It was from Tarot, he didn’t know her but he knew where she’d be. He rushed to the Saints’ base and found a grisly scene. Everyone was down and it appeared as if they were all dead except Captain Qwark and Drednot. He had no idea what was happening but he had to check on the two who were alive so he moved Captain Qwark to a couch and Drednot to the table. They seemed beat up but otherwise ok so Vox took out the JLA communicator he’d received when he finished the hero training to call in Dr Midnight and backup. Drednot was coming to so Vox went to him to keep him calm. He told him to just stay still because help was on the way. Drednot heard this and jumped up and began throwing all his force at Vox, he knew that Vox was more powerful than he but not as resilient so if he could incapacitate the mental powered hero then he would have no problem going forward with his plan before the back up could arrive. He encased Vox in ice and trapped him across the room to watch as Captain Qwark died. But as Drednot reached Catain Qwark, Qwark flew into the air and began throwing Quantum field charges down on him. Drednot kept gloating about the Fallen while striking Qwark with ice shards. Vox realized they had been betrayed which combined with the cold, the beating, and the death around him brought on a shift. Captain Qwark saw the shift happen and was so shocked he lost focus long enough for Drednot to get hold of him and smash him into the ground. Vox Anna “awoke” and was not pleased, she remembered enough of what had happened to fuel her rage. She broke from the ice block and charged drednot. Drednot knew that Vox Eterna could create illusions so he stood his ground thinking this charging woman was merely in his mind. Sadly for him he was struck full force by the superstregth and fire of a completely different hero. She burned with rage at the death caused by Drednot, she melted all the ice shielding off of him and before she could stop herself she had grabbed one of his ice shards off the wall and plunged it through his throat. She scurried back into a corner as he sputtered and died completely ashamed of her actions. When Qwark was able to collect himself again he saw her in the corner crying just before she shifted again to Vox Dominae. “What the hell are you” he asked, and Vox told him how his powers and condition work. When the JLA arrived they did not report Vox as a murderer as it was justified if not heroic, choosing instead to tell the lesser truth that the Fallen attacked and the Saints who died did so in the attack. No one will ever know Drednot was a mole because to reveal that fact would also reveal Vox Anna’s role in his death. All the alters spent time with Qwark over the next couple months and as the last surviving members of The Saints they were kept very busy. One day Alfred, who was quite worried, contacted Peter. He reported that Brainiac and Brother Eye had taken control of the Batcave and that Batman, Robin, Red Robin, Nigthwing, Batgirl and Huntress went down there to remove them but that he hadn’t heard from them in hours. The two remaining Saints entered the Batcave's outer cavern through the auxiliary hatchway where almost immediately they were met by robotic drones and turrets determined to stop them. They battled wave after wave of Batcave defenses all controlled by Braniac until they finally made their way into a large open mine cart track exchange where there was a gigantic spider like creature which batman developed in case a large scale riot ever broke out in gotham. The fact that this was a prototype that had never been tested did not stop it from beating the duo down. The only thing that saved them was Oracle using an emergency teleport to get them to a safe location when their life signs began to weaken. The two attempted to breach over and over and were always stopped in the same place with the same results. Vox felt he owed something to Batman so he was determined to be the one who got the batcave back. Qwark knew they couldn’t do it alone so mindful of his recruitment failures with Dreadnot he opened negotiations with some fellow League leaders in an attempt to combine resources.

Shadow Clan

Three Leagues were merged into one: The Saints, The Blackguard, and Shadow Clan. All three Voxes were inducted separately and quietly so no one would know their secret. A hero named Fritz took on official leadership responsibility although the three former leaders were to be a council on important decisions. As a team they were able to regain control of and defeat the auto defenses of the outer cavern and rescue the bat family from the control of the Omac Virus. They were able to penetrate the inner sanctum of the Batcave where they excised the corrupted Brother Eye from the system and they were able to track the Brainiac hack point to a buried data node in an adjacent cavern where they ultimately defeated Braniac’s Avatar itself. The members of the league were all very nice but Paul felt the most at home among them. Repulsor; former leader of The Blackguard, one of the founding leagues; received a message from his mentor, Superman, that the Fortress of Solitude was the target of Brainiac’s next attack. Superman requested help from any new heroes who Brainiac did not have detailed files on. This mission seemed tailor made for the new league which adopted the name Shadow Clan. When a plan was in place Vox Dominae was given the nod to enter the fight, his job was to provide shielding and to magically handicap the enemies plus whatever healing he could manage should it be called for. The team entered the fortress and was making a very steady pace through. The plan had been to follow a path outlined by Captain Qwark while Superman distracted the Brainiac forces. Everything was fine up until the group reached decision point, a fork lead to two different caverns. Captain Qwark recognized the fork and indicated everyone should go left but Fritz ignored this and went right instead. The group didn’t know what to do so Qwark relented and told everyone to stay together. With the group as spread out as it was Vox was having a very hard time channeling the mystical energy necessary to maintain a shield of that size. Repulsor tried to get Fritz to go back the other way before it was too late but Fritz would not listen and ultimately swung at Repulsor who reflexively gut punched him. Fritz toppled over down an incline and could now see far enough into the cavern to realize it was indeed a dead end. When others made it down that far they realized it too. The team tried to reorient itself to try to get back through the now reinforced security bearing down on them from the direction they had come. They were going to have to give up the mission and do all they could just to escape alive. As soon as the first enemies attacked the strain on Vox got the better of him, he collapsed and the team’s protective shield fell. A pulse beam sizzled through the air and struck the youngest member of Shadow Clan, Sofaking, behind the ear. He died instantly. Lisianthus let out a wail and rushed over to the two heroes who had fallen. Sofaking was gone but Vox had a weak heartbeat. Fritz grabbed Lisianthus and pulled her away from Vox saying they had to leave him if they wanted to survive. Repulsor for a second time knocked Fritz down and said they all get out or none do. Then he called forth a massive volcano from the ground that either destroyed or incapacitated all the security in their path. The volcano had provided a hole in the oncoming forces large enough for the group to wedge themselves through if they worked together but Fritz wasn’t having any of it. He rushed forward through the opening drawing all the enemies into the path and closing the way for anyone behind him. Luckily Superman had seen the volcano erupt in the caverns and deduced something had gone terribly wrong so he broke off his diversionary attack and went to investigate. When he saw the condition the team was in he tore through the enemies and helped them all to safety. The failure led to Brainiac determining the attack strategy and sealing off that particular vulnerability.
Captain Qwark dropped Vox Anna in the Watchtower Med-chamber, her wounds and condition all being the same her brother had sustained in the failed attempt on the Fortress. When Lisianthus and several other members of shadow Clan came to visit Vox Qwark explained that Vox had woken and preferred to recover in his own space. Lisianthus chose to stay with Vox Anna though feeling the need to apologize to someone for her failure. The next day the league buried Sofaking in the same section of Valhalla that the former Saints were buried in. After the funeral everyone returned to the league meeting hall. Once there it was noticed that Repulsor's name had been scratched out of the league charter. Repulsor stormed out. Everyone else wanted to know why Fritz did not attend the funeral and why he had broken the plan. He responded by saying, "I am the leader, I do not follow. You follow me. If you had followed me out instead of screwing around you wouldn't have needed to be rescued". Qwark explained that there were men down who needed help. Fritz proclaimed, "as leader I have to make tough choices and sometimes the week must be left behind so the strong can survive." Vox without saying a word ripped off his Shadow Clan communications insignia and threw it in Fritz's face as he walked out the door. Not long after Captain Qwark came out as well, also having quit.

Blackguard Saints

Vox and Qwark sought out Repulsor and insisted to him they wanted to help him and Superman purge Brainiac from the fortress. The three formed a new alliance and in honor of their former leagues named it The Blackguard Saints. In the days and weeks that followed every other significant member of Shadow Clan departed and found their way to The Blackguard Saints. The failure of their previous attempt had been broadcast on the world’s televisions in every language by Brainiac to dissuade any other heroes from attempting an assault. The video was heavily edited to the villain’s favor making the Blackguard Saints look paltry and inept while making the Brainiac force seem completely unstoppable. In the video however Qwark was able to see a new flaw in the Fortress’ security and he went about creating a new plan. On the surface the plan looked precisely like the last plan except this time only Starkiller would take point using his ice form to protect himself from the heavy assault, Qwark and Owl would again stun and disorient the enemies but this time Repulsor would be joined by Vox Eterna and Spartan whose combined destructive power could level any foe in moments. Finally, with Vox Dominae unavailable, the fictional forensic detective, Gratos, joined Lisianthus in medic duties. Again they infiltrated via the tunnels and again Superman provided a diversion. The octet cleared their way through the tunnels defeating wave after wave of increasingly powerful adversaries. After freeing the Fortresse's guard dog and defeating his jailer the group entered the fortresses main chamber. Where Lex Luthor arrived, some of the team knew of Luthor’s villainous nature and others thought of him as a patriotic industrialist and still others thought of him as a celebrity. Vox though knew what Luthor was and was about to unleash a torrent on him when Superman arrived having destroyed the Brainiac control ship that had been over The Fortress. He and Lex came to a truce and agreed to work alongside each other and the Blackguard Saints until this crisis was resolved. The group fought to the portal entrance of the Phantom Zone where Lex released General Zod while everyone was fighting. Zod joined the group and the addition of another kryptonian powerhouse propelled them right through Brainiac's second avatar. This freed the main computer and power core of all traces of the malignant computer's influences. Knowing his usefulness was done Zod snuck away to release his cohorts Ursa and Non and gain control of the sunstones. Before he was able to escape with them another hero appeared. Miss D, determined to bring down Lex Luthor, had followed him to the Fortress and been assisting the assault from the shadows. When she saw Zod attempting to escape she sealed herself inside the sunstone matrix chamber with the three Kryptonians. Ultimately the heroes and Lex were able to defeat Zod. Following the fight Superman sent the trio back to the Phantom Zone. Miss D launched herself at Lex who without even acknowledging her flung her aside as he made his way to gather the sunstone for himself, but Superman was ready for such treachery and contacted Oracle to teleport him away. Qwark recognized how lost Miss D was and despite her young age offered her a place in the new team. Superman released the footage of their successful assault from the Fortress’ security monitors to the world’s media to help regain the Blackguard Saint’s reputation. The Blackguard Saints had proven themselves and we're recognized by the justice league in a ceremony that was televised around the world.

The Trivium

With a new league and new responsibilities the Blackguard Saints were determined not to allow history to repeat itself. To prevent this a trio of leaders were chosen called the Trivium. Vox Eterna was one of these leaders along with Repulsor and Captain Qwark. Together they guide the progress of the now internationally renowned league of heroes. Vox’s particular role in the trivium is as Judge, he determines what course of action is to be taken should rules be broken or if personal conflicts arise.

Never a Dull Moment

Vox went on to assist in the final defeat of Brainiac on the prime battlefield. Casting the deathblow himself to the Mechanized villains avatar. But due to the failure to stop Brainiac from opening the portal to Tartarus, magic has exploded into the streets. One such escapee is Tala the demoness. The Blackguard Saints were called on by Dr Fate to stop this rampaging lunatic and her cadre of villainous offspring. One of the members, Grand Wizzard, found a way to track her to her lair. Once inside they had her trapped and only needed to defeat her so she could be banished back to hell. The League was able to take out her henchmen with relative ease but when she called forth a giant, that is when the trouble began. Vox Anna saw the giant decimating her leagumates and made a last ditch effort to keep it away from them. She jumped on its head and wrapped herself around it. While she held on tight she could not fight or defend herself but she began to raise her temperature. She yelled to the rest of the team to finish the mission by bringing down Tala. Still she raised her body temperature. She was raising the temperature in the room so high wooden crates were spontaneously combusting. No one could get near her. Wizzard saw this happening and saw her being beaten to death while she could do nothing to protect herself. He could do nothing to help her but he could protect everyone else from the heat she was creating which was starting to burn them all. He threw a barrier shield around her and the giant. The shield protected everyone outside it allowing them to continue to fight Tala but it also kept the heat in and acted as a greenhouse allowing her to raise the temperature even faster. Despite her resistance to fire these temperatures were even beyond her. Her skin began to blacken and crack, her hair began to burn but still she continued to blaze. Finally the giant fell, he had been the receptacle of most of Tala’s power so once he was down she could not hold out much longer. Once she was defeated a group of sorcerers appeared and transported her to Hell. Wizzard though stayed in the room with the terminally wounded Vox Anna. Several other members of the Blackguard Saints stayed as well. They all stared down at the charred body while Wizzard began to work on the necessary healing spells. Sadly the other healers who had been present were injured themselves and too drained to help. Wizzard had always been in love with Vox Anna but never was willing to admit it, but he knew he needed that love now since he could infuse his magic with it to create a stronger healing spell. He began by kissing her burned arm, which healed under his lips then her leg and neck and all over her body until all the burns were gone. Lastly he kissed her lips and her wheezing stopped. Her eyes opened and she returned the kiss passionately until she became aware of what was actually happening at which point she pushed Wizzard off her so hard he flew across the room. When she realized she was naked she was even more embarrassed and sad that her beloved outfit was now gone. As soon as she had got home and put on a new outfit she went back to the leather store she had gotten the original from and purchased another. Now the outfit was sold as a set and it was called the “Vox Anna” in honor of her hero self. Vox Anna tried to pay for the outfit and the original one she had inadvertently stole but the saleswoman recognized her both from her first visit and as Vox Anna and would not allow it, instead asking if she could sign the remaining sets so she could sell them as collectors pieces. For a week after, every time she saw Wizzard it would cause an alter shift. Eventually she was able to get control of her emotions and when next she spoke to him she apologized for pushing him and thanked him for her life. Wizzard confessed his love for her but she rebuked him telling him that her life was far to complex for romance.

Bully Busters

As time continued and the threats to the world became greater and greater the Blackguard Saints found themsleves incapable to handling the dangers alone. They began a recruitment effort to find and train new young heroes. However, instead of finding new recruits they were themselves recruited into a group who called themselves the Bully Busters. At first they seemed like the same type of heroes the Blackguard Saints were themselves. Lex Luthor and a Batman from the future had come to our time along with a number of their own duplicates from worlds where time had been disrupted. They were engaged in a battle that was destroying time. A paradox rift had opened up and needed to be sealed before it consumed all of Earth and then our Universe. Hundreds of creatures that had been deformed and mutated by being pulled into the paradox wave as it passed through billions of alternate histories were hidding within the rift and determined to defend it. These creatures had once been echos of people or animals living in alternate time streams but by being caught by the paradox wave had been altered into hidious abominations, normally destroyed by the wave the rift had allowed them a small area to survive in.  Instead of simply destroying the pitiful creatures as soon as possible the Bully Busters plan of attack was to corner the creatures in a small area and then to torture them over and over again. Instead of quickly putting them out of their missery they would draw the process out prolonging the creature's death. During this incursion Vox Eterna refused to play along any further and instead used his Mental powers to block out the pain of the 14th and last creature. Members of Bully Busters were displeased that their Final Fantasy, the 14th, had been disrupted. One by one after this the members of Bully Busters started to disappear. The Blackguard Saints went back to what they knew and with a few new recruits are stronger than ever.

War of the Light

One night the skies of Metropolis were filled with explossions as the air above earth was filled with what looked like two new moons. Metropolis seemed to be the focal point for these two stationary moons. Hundreds of soldiers poured from each one. On one side the intensly driven warriors of the Green Lantern corps, who had come to earth earlier to deputize soldiers into their ranks. On the other side were the fear inducing thugs of the Sinestro Corps, who also had come seeking new conscripts for their endless grudge match with the Lanterns. No one knows why Earth became their chosen battleground but into the fray were brought two more factions of light the Blue Lanterns of Hope and the Red Lanterns of Rage. The leader of the Red Lanterns' grudge against the Guardians of Oa fueling his rage and his commitment to Sinestros side of the the battle. However, not all his Red Lanterns feal the same as many of them have rage directed at the Sinestro Corp. To swell his ranks Atrocitous sent rings to find worthy new recruits with increadble rage within on Earth. One of the red rings found Vox Eterna and sensed the rage burning within Vox Anna. Unable to distinguish The two the ring bonded itself to Vox Eterna. The process left him in a berzerker rage. He had just sat down to dinner with a few members of the league when the ring found him. Vox immediatly began to vomit large quantities of blood, so much infact that he should have died but he did not. Instead he turned on his friends and began to attack them. Buu Man was thrown through a window immediatly as he tried to check on vox's condition after the bloodloss. Lisianthus barely had time to us her swarm shield before she was grabed by a light construct chain and whiped across the room and into a wall. She slid down the wall in an unconcious heap. Starkiller prepared himself for the inevitable attack, but just as vox began to lunge a green energy ball surounded vox and stopped him flat. Captain Qwark had enetered the room. Qwark had recently accepted a deputization into the Green Lantern Corps and had been away training until that moment, his new power ring was enough to contain Vox who was unfamiliar with his new abilities. As Vox strugled Qwark used his ring to contact Guy Gardner who he had learned had had some experience with the Red Rings. When Guy arrived he was not alone, he had brought an alien creature with what looked like the head of an elephant and wearing a blue ring. Guy explained that the only thing that can free someone from the mindlessness of a red power ring is the cleansing light of Hope, thus he brought one of the Blue Lanterns, Brother Warth, to help. Brother Warth was able to return Vox to a state of lucidity but he explained the process of removing the ring is long and very difficult. The ring replaces the wearer's blood with rage plasma so to remove the ring would cause the wearers death. The process requires the wearer to wear an active blue lantern ring which would act as life support while their body replaces their blood, but in order to use a blue lantern ring a person must become a blue lantern. A blue lantern is completly at peace. For someone with rage in their heart it requires much dicipline and a great amount of training. Vox accepted that the ring would be part of him for a very long time while all his alters received the necessary training to become blue Lantern.  He decided in the mean time he would use the power it granted. Over the next few weeks and months he learned to control his rage and anger and direct it as a weapon against evil. One day while training he underwent an alter shift to Vox Dominae. Immediatly everyone was on their guard unsure of how the new personality would react to the ring. Qwark instantly put a force field around him awaiting the explosion. None came, the ring fell off his finger. Qwark ran to his friend and tried to push the ring back onto his hand before he died. Vox only looked at him in surprise. When he was examined his blood was fine and the ring had no hold on him whatsoever. Brother Warth was called and was also dumbfounded. The nature of Vox's alter shift power had never been examined but it was believed he only underwent physical transformation of the same tissues but it seems that the entirity of his person is changed. Like all lantern rings they are locked to a single user until that users death or relinquishment/release from the ring so even Vox Anna who's personal rage was the reason for the ring to seek out Vox in the first place was not affected by the ring and unable to use it. Both Vox Anna and Vox Dominae had to continue to wear the ring however so that if an alter shift did happen Vox Eterna would not be left without it and die. During the war of the light Vox has continued to fight for the side of justice even if his methods of attack have become more violent and less forgiving.

The Invasion of the Gods

As the world became embroiled on the war front of the lantern corps two more dangers emerged.  The New Gods made Earth their new batleground and the Gods of Olympus began to rise from Hades to exert their influence.  The Blackguard Saints as one of the more seasoned hero leagues is firmly entrenched in these conflicts.  Vox was finally able to finish his Blue Lantern training and has since been inducted into the Blue Lantern Corps.  Saint Walker presented him with a Blue Lantern Ring and placed it on his finger which caused the Red Lantern Ring to Flee and seek out a replacement, it found fellow league mate Torosis as the nearest person capable of great rage.   The nature of Torosis' powers gave him the ability to immediatly control the ring without it controling him.  Vox's powers again changed when wearing the Blue Ring and gave him new skills with which he has been able to fight all maner of Gods and men.  Using the power of the Blue ring to control the Zen field of all things Vox can fell the living essence of all things and manipulate them.  Brother Warth and Saint Walker have noted that Vox can do things with the ring that no other Blue Lantern can do, including themselves.  When the Projekt Blackguard Base was invaded by Mantis and Kalibak in retaliation for an assult the Blackguard Saints had led on Apokolips Vox inverted the living essence of a small statue in the base bringing it to life.  He was able to then defer any damage he sustained to the semi-living creature.  With this new skill and the ability to cause tremors by altering the frequencies and vibrations of anything around him he and the rest of the Blackguard Saints were able to repel the attack on their home.  Later while inside the Labyrinth of Hades, on a mission to rescue Wonder Woman's mother's soul, Vox discovered that unlike other Power Rings the Blue Lantern Rings can not create hard light constructs but they can be used to manipulate other materials into constructed shapes or projectiles.  It is in this way that as the Labyrinth guardian, the Minataur, was escaping Vox was able to create a giant rock hand that grabbed the beast and pulled it back to be caputred and "convinced' to open the way to the Halls of Hades. 

Vox, Vox, and Vox remain dedicated to protecting the people of earth. He/She/They fight daily to do so and will continue alongside the Blackguard Saints far into the future even as they must travel to Hades and back to do it.

Powers and Abilities

As Vox Eterna
Sonic Shout:

Mass Terror Field

Psychic Shock

Telekenetic Bolt

Bolt Barrage

With Red Lantern Ring
Galing eruption

Evicerating Chain

Deadly Blast

Severe Punishment:


With Blue Lantern Ring
Living Essence Enfussion

Damage deferal

Zen Field Manipulation

Elemental Construct Creation

As Vox Dominae
Sonic Shout

Boon of Souls

Soul Well

Circle of Protection


As Vox Anna
Sonic Shout

Absorb Heat




Mass Detonation

Acrobatics: Taught by Red Robin

Climbing: Taught by Batwoman

Martial Staff Training: Trained by Nightwing

Hand to Hand Combat: Trained by Batman

Peronality Instability: Alter switch can lead to reduced effectivness due to confussion.

Rage: Berserker nature when red ring is being used
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Calm: extreme passiveness when blue ring is being used



Real Name Peter Paul Anadria
Current Alias Vox
AliasesVox Eterna, Vox Dominae, Vox Anna
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Bully Busters, Shadow Clan, The Saints
Base Of Operations.Pillars of Hades, Gotham
Marital StatusSingle
OccupationActor, Teacher, Performer
Height5'10" - 6'1"
Weight220lb (99kg)
Special FeaturesChanges appearance as personality chages
Created ByP Paul Castiglione

Buu Man