The Rules


The Blackguard Saints are a non-traditional league of heroes.  Well Hero-ish.  We are the rag-tag, the mismatched, the unwanted, and the misfits.  We are super beings and the gifted that don't fit in anywhere but together.  Most of our members are broken in someway: Amnesiacs, split personalities, clinically unstable, physically limited, reformed offenders, deviants, etc.  We tried to fit in and were rejected but we believe in this world and we will fight to protect it, always.  We believe in Justice but when Justice fails... we believe in vengence.  From our undersea base the Blackguard Saints monitor the world and protect it from any force out to do harm.

Acolades and Recognition

Key to the City: Gotham
Key to the City: Opal City
Key to the City: Coast City
Key to the CIty: New York
Order of the Crown: England, UK
Gold Star Medal: Russian Federation'
Golden Conch Award: Atlantis
Warrior's Peace Cross: UN
Presidents Medal of Freedom: USA
Congressional Medal of Honor: USA

Notable Victories

The Invasion of Gotham
The Slaughter Swamp Masacre
The Star City Crusade
Trigon's Invasion
The Corps' Wars
┬ęPPCIV 2015