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Miss D

         Hey guy, so your mother's a whore... what's the big deal.

-- Miss D



Nell McGregor was born in a small Montana fishing village where she was a high school track star. After college She received a full scholarship to Metropolis University. She loved the big city and took every opportunity to indulge in the culture. She was also experiencing sexual freedom for the first time and as is common in college she "experimented". She made a real name for herself as the fastest girl at the school both on and off the track. She was winning meet after meet, during one race where she broke the world record for the 200M hurdles an opponent of hers said to an ESPN reporter "trying to catch her is like trying to catch mist". From that moment on reporters refered to her as "Misty" McGregor. When pledge time came she decided the sorority for her was Kappa Omicron Xi. KØX was known for being one of the more hardcore sororities and their hell week did not go easy for Nell. One night the pledges were striped naked and tied to trees out in Metropolis Centennial Park, a pile of clothing was left for them with instructions to take a shirt, bottom, and head covering and make their way back, the 3 miles, to the sorority house on foot; the last to arrive would be expelled from the sorority. Nell had been double tied and duct taped because she had embarrassed the sorority president in a race earlier that day so it took her twice as long as the other girls to get free and the only items of clothing left were a t-shirt a pair of boxer shorts and a gas mask. She put on her "cloths" and began to make her way out of the park. She tried to run hoping her speed might help her catch up but her bare feet couldn't take pain. Suddenly she was struck by one of the first exobytes to fall. It felt like rain hitting her and she began to feel like she was burning all over. The pain passed in a moment. She assumed it was acid rain and continued walking. She realized her feet were no longer hurting;  as a matter of fact she didn't feel anything at all. She scratched her arm and felt nothing, she pinched herself and felt nothing. During this self examination she looked across the street and saw a man outside a night club grab an intoxicated woman and drag her to an alley behind the club. Without thinking Nell ran to stop him but as soon as she started running she found herself unable to control her speed, she ran across the street, up the side of the building and across the roof before she even realized. She turned and couldn't understand what had happened but there was no time to worry about it, she looked over the roof and saw the man holding a knife to the woman's neck and forcing her to take off her pants. Nell squared up and prepared to jump onto him, she yelled to him and when he looked up she pounced. The two collapsed in a heap and the man tried to run but Nell was between him and the mouth of the ally. Nell braced herself and prepped her 106 lb body for this fully grown man running at top speed. He slamed into her expecting to blow right by, instead he hit her like hitting a brick wall and crumpled to the ground. He got up, pulled the knife, and stabbed her in the chest. The knife hit her and snapped off at the hilt. She jumped on him and started punching him but her fists were moving too fast; before she knew it she had beat him bloody and he was crawling away, begging her to stop. People had gathered and were taking photos of her and referring to her as a superhero. She ran away back to the sorority house. She had arrived first, by a large margin, the 3 miles taking her around 2 min to cover.  By the time all the rest of the pledges arrived at the sorority house the story was all over the news. The woman in the alley had been a KØX sister that graduated the year before and was a dear friend to all the older girls. Recognizing Nell's outfit they knew she had done this, and they were all impressed. She was granted full access to the sorority afterward even being accepted by the chapter president who had been best friends with the victim. The sorority thought it was very cool to have a full fledged superhero in their ranks and strongly encouraged her to continue. The house became her official secret base and all the other girls were her sidekicks and support team. One girl made her a cape to complete her superhero look and all the girls agreed that Nell had to remain anonymous so they swore never to reveal her identity. Shel chose Miss D as her code name in honor of her racing nickname.  Nell spent her days in school and a few hours a week playing at being a superhero. She discovered that although she couldn't feel her skin she could feel her tongue and inside her mouth also inside her nose, and other internal areas. Unsure how to deal with herself and all her worrying changes she disguised herself in order to go to one of the Anonymous Exobyte Evaluation Centers (AEEC) that had been set up as a joint venture by LexCorp and S.T.A.R. Labs. The doctors found she was in good health and a pelvic exam determined that her mouth and nose weren't the only areas she could still feel. Despite being careful about her identity she had put on her pledge pin out of habit (all KØX pledges must wear their pledge pins at all times during their first semester). Mercy Graves saw Nell's potential and tried to recruit her for LexCorp meta security, when Nell refused Mercy decided she would make a good candidate for Lex's Parasite project. The pledge pin was a clear give away as Mercy had been a member of KØX's rival sorority Pi Pi Pi (πππ).  The old rivalry very much intact Mercy told Lex about Nell and suggested he set up operations for his parasite project at Met U and specifically target the KØX sorority.  In the next few weeks Miss D wasn't seen too often as Nell had gotten bored and was busy indulging her needs; without the ability to feel anywhere else on her body she had resolved to do a great deal of kissing and other related pursuits.  She was "Dating" a senior who lived off campus on the night that the parasite project began.  All but 2 members of KØX were taken.  The two who were left had hidden inside the secret room where the sorority kept Miss D's gear.  When Nell returned home the next day the KØX chapter house was completely wrecked, she quickly found the two girls and they explained what had happened.  Nell felt responsible for not being there and stopping the attack , but she was determined to rescue her friends.  The school had been overrun by students who had been genetically altered and campus police were having no luck stopping them.  Miss D made her way through them looking for any sign of her sisters.  It was here for the first time that she discovered her ability to generate fire; by using her incredible speed combined with her invulnerable skin she was able to generate enough heat to set fire to any surface she touches, similarly if she held any item in her hand it would ignite and she could throw this fire ball.  She tracked the experiments to Lionel Lecture Hall where she met up with Supergirl.  Together they were able to defeat all the students now corrupted by the parasite project and parasite himself.  During interrogation Parasite revealed the location of the lab under the lecture hall and in the lab the two heroes found Nell's sisters, some of them dead and some of them corrupted.  They also found evidence that the project was being funded by Lexcorp under direct supervision of Lex Luthor.  Miss D vowed she would have her vengeance against Lex in the name of the KØX sisters. She spent the next several months trying to find an opportunity to bring Lex down and like all previous attempts to topple the billionaire super villain she could find no way to do it.  Pouring over the information she found in the Lab under Lionel Hall she uncovered a misplaced map note with the word Sunstone on it and decoded a location in Antarctica.  She didn't know what it meant until Brainiac broadcasted the tragic failure of Shadow Clan to breach The Fortress of Solitude.  Seeing the snow covered location she realized that is what the Antarctic map coordinates indicated.  She knew Lex couldn't have anything good planed so hoping to get information she sought out Shadow Clan and was violently rebuked by the leader, Fritz, who accused her of being a spy.  Unwilling to give up, she witnessed two members leave the league and followed Captain Qwark to his home.  She didn't want to risk being accused of spying again so she watched Qwark in secret.  She witnessed the formation of The Blackguard Saints and when Qwark was visited by a mysterious man who offered help in planing a second raid on The Fortress of Solitude she recognized that man as Lex Luthor and learned the date of their planned asault.  On the date she used the map coordinates and arrived at the fortress where she followed the Blackguard Saints and Lex Luthor assisting from the shadows and never revealing herself.   She knew that she couldn't attack Lex or she might jeopardize the raid so she waited.  When the group had finally defeated Brainiac she saw Zod, who had been freed from the Phantom Zone by Lex to assist in the siege, try to escape.  Zod freed his two comrades from the Phantom Zone and together they made their way to the Sunstone Matrix.  Recognizing the word sunstone from Lex's notes she knew it must be bad so she couldn't let Zod escape with them.  She had to stop him and even though she knew she would have no chance against three Kryptonians she needed to try.  She sealed all the entry ways in the Fortress and set herself for a fight.  Zod, though, already had partial control over the sunstones and called forth a sunstone sentry to occupy her while he and his companions destroyed a security door to make their escape.  However, waiting on the other side of the door was Superman, Lex, and the Blackguard Saints.  The heroes were able to defeat Zod and rest control of the sunstones from him.  Following the criminals re-incarceration in the Phantom Zone Lex made his attempt to claim the Sunstones for himself.  Miss D saw this and fired herself at him and was easily cast aside, having spent years fighting Superman, Lex's powersuit was more than a match for her.  But she did distract Lex long enough for Superman to realize his treachery and have Oracle teleport him away.  Recognizing the danger she had put herself in to protect the world from Zod The Blackguard Saints invited her to become a member right there on the spot.

Powers and Abilities


Backdraft: Creates a ring of fire that pulls enemies into setting them on fire

Burning Determination: Engulfs self in fire and heals as enemies attack

Inferno: Burns an area any enemies crossing into it are burnt

Stoke Flames: Sets self on fire providing healing

Enflame: Provides a fire shield, deflecting damage

Super Speed


Hand to Hand Combat

Weak physical strength


Very durable but low offense
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Miss D

Real Name Nell McGregor
Current Alias Miss D
AliasesJinkey Lopez
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Shadow Clan, The Blackguard, KøX
Base Of Operations.China Town, Metropolis
Marital StatusSingle
Weight110lb (50kg)
Special Featuresnone
Created ByNeil Macgregor

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