The Rules


New Event

Junuary 1, 2016
Starting today we are begining a new event to encouirage active members to play old content and a little bit of friendly competition.  One luck grand prize winner will receive a $50 PSN card.  See the event page for details


Junuary 1, 2016
New members new content.  There are tons of things new happenening in DCUO.  our league is successful and for the first time ever we were able to purchase all proficiencies offered through the league hall this month.  Good job everyone, keep up the good work.

New Event

July 28, 2015
Starting today we are starting a new event to encourage active members to aquire new skill points.  Achieve your goal and recieve $10 psn code.  See the event page for details.

Big Changes Coming Tonight

May 6, 2015

Marks are changing to Marks of Victory.  These are your only method of purchase and they are only available from raids and content within your CR sphere.  Take note of the content you do and be sure you are getting the credit you think you should be getting, we will be watching as the update rolls out to see if there is an indicator that will tell you your CR is too hight for rewards. Also bosses will now have increased defense and increased attack potential if your CR is lower than theirs.  This will only affect bosses above your CR not below.  Mods will no longer have any effect on CR, they will still increase stats but CR is purely a gear tracking stat now with no malleability.  Mainframes now have new descriptions of Supply drop and orbital strike, be sure to check them out before you are suprised.  Enjoy the new tweeks, we think they will have very positive effects on the game as a whole going forward.  Ask questions in the forum or post your thoughts there.

The Prodigals Return

May 6, 2015

In the world of MMOs it is very common for players to suddenly disappear.  A long form type of entertainment like an MMORPG just makes the posibility of attrition a reality.  Life happens and we all must move along, wish the best for those who have departed, and think fondly on the times we've had together.  But sometimes they come back!  and that is what we had this week.  Two long lost 10+ hour a week players returned.  Please if you know them make an effort to say hi and if not introduce yourselves.  Welcome home Mandolore and Grievous Harm, missed ya guys!

Blackguard Saints Raid Onto The Internet

April 24, 2015

In the DCUO there are many leagues. Hundreds upon hundreds of small groups of people huddled together in an attempt to find community. Few actually achieve this; but one, the Blackguard Saints, does indeed live up to the promise. A small core lives at the heart of this league and their friendship and comeradre shows. Even amid the insults and mother jokes the bond they share is evident in ways not often witnessed. The leaders and veteran members share a bond created over some very bad experiences and this bond is not easily severed, as in real life common pain makes for very strong brotherhood.
After four years the league has taken a step few have, an internet presence. Not simply a psudo-site managed by some nameless carrier but a full functional custome website built on the vision of League founding member Vox Eterna. "I just wanted a site worthy of our members, something we could go to and have pride about. I didn't want a site that looked like everyone elses." said Vox. However this desire for a unique look came at a cost, that cost was two years worth of work. "I had to learn how to code from scratch. I'm not even sure half the time that what I'm doing is going to look the way I intend but that is the fun of doing something from scratch" vox confesses. As of this writing vox is placing the final touches on the site and expects it to go live within 2 weeks. When it does it will contain bios, stats, videos, and other details about the Blackguard Saints and it's members. If you want to see something cool you should check it out.
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