The Rules


          Leave. Me. Alone. 

-- Nictastic



Nic'o'le Was a refuge from the planet Graxos III, rescued by arisa Rabs predicessor in sector 2815 she was saved from a life of precivilized savagry and hidden on earth where she lives as a normal human being with no knowledge of her alien upbringing.,

Ironically for her pre-technoligical heritage Nicole, as she is known on earth, is an acccomplished computer programer and hacker.  possesing degrees in computer forensics, computer programing, and engineering.  She joined the hacktavist organization Incognito and began a relationship with its founder John.  When John was infected by an exobit he was blackmailed by the government organization Checkmate to work for them otherwise they would harm Nicole.  Unaware that her boyfriend was being blackmailed she went about her daily life until one day she found among his things the original surveilance footage used to demonstrate Checkmates knowldege of her among John's things.  She assumed he had been stalking her or having her followed.  She ended the relationship.  Thinking her safer this way John did not argue.  She wasn't satisfied though and in an attempt to teach him what it was like to be spied on she followed him and discovered the blackmail plot against him and her.  She went home and became driven to find out all she could about checkmate.  She put herself at great risk and had had to endure great hardship to piece together all the inner workings of the agencies heierarchy.  During the process she forgave John who at first wanted to remain apart to keep her safe but she her determination broke through his defenses.  This drive and determination ultimatly lead to her gaining the power to avenge herself and John.  When the Sinestro Corps War came to earth and the Green Lantern Deputization began she was quickly chosen particularly due to her secret bio-diversity.  Her ring not only gave her strength he revealed to her her past as it had been stored in the Oan archives.  

With her new powers and the ability finally to do something about her situation she assaulted checkmate.  They didn't have any defense against the strongest weapon in the universe.  They were prepared for metahuman and magical attacks but since the yellow vulnerability had been removed from green power rings they had not yet devised a defense against her.  She tore through the secret instilation like it was tissue paper and broke directly into Amanda Waller's office where she faced the woman with a comand of three simple words, "Leave Me Alone".  Then Nicole just turned around and left.  Amanda Waller slumped in her chair knowing that had Nicole been any less purehearted that she would have been killed.  She ordered all surveilance and all interferance in Nicole's life be ceased.  Then ordered that News footage of Nicole as a green lantern be feed into John's bunkhouse.  As expected John rebeled and left checkmate service but not before destroying all of Waller's electronics.  Why she let him go this way is yet to be discovered.

A New Start
Now that she was free of spying eyes she and John now known as the hero Jolt traveled the world righting wrongs.  After bouncing around for a while as a duo Nic and Jolt decided to join a group of superheroes as was popular at the time.  Support got you the big missions and also gave you longer term survivability.  They joined the Annonymous project and found great success until several of the key members disappeared while fighting a creature from a parallel dimension named Destiny. With The Anonymous Project all but decimated several attempts were made to reinvigorate it with new life but it wasn't the same. They knew they needed better back up. Nic was on high alert while the Black Hand was raising Black Lanterns all over the world and the dangers were multiplied by Trigon manifesting into reality at the same time. It was then that Jolt sought out some long time friends and allies, the Blackguard Saints. They welcomed him and Nic with open arms. She has been fighting the forces of evil and wrong with them ever since.

Powers and Abilities

Can Create Hard Light Constructs

Can Wield Hard Light Shielding

Can Discharge Hard Light Beams


When severly injured enters a deathlike state to regenerate

Hand to hand proficiency 

Vulnerable when regenerating

Ring must be recharged


Real Name Nicole
Current Alias Nictastic
RelativesJolt (Boyfriend)
Affiliation..Blackguard Saints Formerly: The Anonymous Project
Base Of Operations.Metropolis
CitizenshipGraxos III
Marital StatusInvolved
Weight106lb (48kg)
EyesBlue (green with ring)
Special FeaturesPointed Ears
Created ByNicole

Buu Man