The Rules


         I'm Sorry, I can't fight crime with you today.  Little Owling has the poops.

-- Owl



When Owl was eleven years old he was kidnapped by Ra's Al Ghoul. He had been chosen for his intellect and strength which was far beyond other children of his age. The intention was to train him to be an answer to Batman's new sidekick, Robin. Ra's had recently been defeated by The Batman because he had not factored into his plan the inclusion of a sidekick. For years Ra's and the League of Assassins trained the young man. He learned how dangerous the league was when they made him watch as they killed a family of four.  They vowed to do the same to his family if he ever ran away but if he stayed his family would always be under the protection of the League, even after his death.  Owl's father had spent countless nights telling him stories of knights and secret societies; of heroes who had honor, and chivalry, and a code. He had been taught, good guys sometimes do bad things but always for good reasons and always to help.  He convinced himself that the league were honorable and agreed to stay to learn. He learned all the skills of the assassin: stealth, disguise, distraction, escape, gymnastics. He also learned to use a collection of weapons and technological devices developed in response to items used by Batman. The League brought his body to the peek of physical perfection with chemicals and nutrition.  The league strengthened his mind with history, art, mathematics and puzzle solving. They were completely successful in their efforts to train him but could never break down the internal morality his father had instilled in him. Assignment after assignment were abandoned because they conflicted with his morality. Years of training would be waisted if he wouldn't become what they needed so The league decided it was time to apply pressure. They told the young man that he was to complete an assassination of a popular religious figure or the league would kill one of his family. Realizing that the league was not as honorable as he had believed he determined that so long as he was in their care they would always be able to manipulate him but if he ran away they'd kill the only people he'd ever loved.  He devised a plan.  He agreed to complete the assassination but when it was time to kill Sister Sunlight he made sure he was seen and subdued by her bodyguards. He used his meditation techniques to slow his heart and simulate death long enough to be declared dead and for the assassination attempt to be covered by the news. He then replaced his body with a John Doe in the morgue and went into hiding. He lived a very simple life in the Louisiana bayou for years and never used his name or dared to contact his family for fear the League would learn of his deception and harm them.

Many Names One Hero
Whenever Owl would leave the wilderness to visit a town or city he was astonished how beat down normal people were by the actions of criminals and the immoral.  Once he reached adulthood he came to the conclusion that he was able to do something about it, he had skills the world needed. He began his crusade to fight crime in Louisiana and became known as the hero Evening Owl.  Making his "burrow" near St. Roch he would occasionally clash with the Hawks who alternately saw him as ally and enemy. Though a strong force for good Evening Owl never found a moment to shine like Hawkman and Hawkgirl did, until one day when he stopped a mad bomber from destroying Carter and Shiara Hall's museum with them in it.  Using his tacticle prowes Evening owl recognized the seemingly random attack was actually a finely crafted plot designed to kill the Hawks.  He, with the the assistance of the Hawks, was able to determine that the assassin had come from Thanagar.  The trio used a Mother Box to create a Boom Tube to Thanagar to unravel the plot.  While on the strange new world Evening Owl prevented the death of a superstar celebrity and dozens of innocents.  This herroic act was captured on broadcast wave and seen by millions.  The leaders of Thanagar, under tremendous pressure from the population, gave Evening Owl an honorary rank in the Thanagarian police.  This apointment came with an Nth Metal belt and wings plus the authority to act on Thanagar.  The word evening has no meaning on Thanagar since the world has bianary suns, so the people called him Mighty Owl instead. The Hawks and he followed the trail left by the assasin and discovered a conspiracy in the Thanagarian police force to enact a coup of the government.  Hawkman and Hawkgirl were to be the first targets since their support of the democratic government had been long established.  It was known they would eventually learn of the coup and rally the support of their superfriends to end it.  The Hawks and Mighty Owl uncovered the conspiracy and put a stop to it.  However the effect was a completly decimated Thanagrian internal security department.  It was so bad that Mighty Owl was the highest ranking officer that remained amid a force of underlings and trainies.  When the Hawks returned to Earth, Owl decided to stay to rebuild.  A short time later he met and fell in love with a Thanagarian woman, Leelal. They were married and had a son.  For several years Mighty Owl was the protector of Thanagar until a xenophobic political movement began.  The citizens of thanagar began to become more and more intolerant of persons from other planets.  Mighty Owl's hero status protected him for a time but eventually the movement gained enough ground to banish him back to Earth. Leelal become a zelot to the cause and believed her own child to be too alien to remain on Thanagar, so she sent the boy to join his father. Using a Rannian narrow beam teleporter they were violently sent back to Earth where they materialized on a street corner in front of dozens of tv cameras recording a bank standoff.  Reporters asked Mighty Owl who he was and where he came from, he responded "Owl" and "Thanagar".  He Assesed the situation, placed his son in the care of Lois Lane, and flew off.  He saved the hostages in the bank and delivered the bank robbers to the police on national news.  The news reports identified him as The Thanagarian Owl and he adopted the name in honor of his former home and his son's heritage.

Joining Up
His television debut drew the attention of the Shadow Clan and he was soon recruited.  Feeling a need for community and tangible assistance with his son, he joined. He made great strides for justice with Shadow Clan but always was wary of Fritz as a leader.  One night outside of Arkham Asylum while Shadow Clan were putting a stop to a prison riot Owl had a disagreement with Fritz's use of excesive force.  Despite knowing how painful it had been to be banished from Thanagar, Fritz told him that if he was so sensative the he should go back to his little big planet.  Owl flew off in disgust.  He remained affiliated with Shadow Clan despite this because of the other members with whom he was doing great work and knowing that fighting Brainiac required sacrificing ones own pride.  When Shadow Clan imploded he was prepared for it, and was quick to join the newly formed Blackguard Saints.   To this day owl refuses to tell anyone his true name so the League of Assassins can not harm his family. But he is dedicated to the cause of justice and honor.

Powers and Abilities


Nth Metal Belt: Provides flying and superior strength and duribility

Energy Shield: a device that creates a protective shield around the user

Defibrillator: A device used to reinvigorate athose suffering from fatigue

Sticky Bomb: attaches to an enemy and leeches power from them while returning to the user

Taser Pull: a stun weapon that snares and pulls adversaries


Conditioned to peek levels

Hand to Hand Combat



Advanced Tactics


Bounty on him

Desire to remain hidden

Son is a vulnerability
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Real Name Unknown
Current Alias Thanagarian Owl
AliasesEvening Owl, Mighty Owl
Affiliation..The Blackguard Saints
Formerly: Shadow Clan
Base Of Operations.St Roch, Louisiana
Marital StatusSingle
Weight190lb (86kg)
Special FeaturesWings
Created By

Buu Man