The Rules


         The Corps serves the universe, and even if you don't want me to... I serve the Corps. 

-- Zaoknox



Sector 3559 is the least inhabited sector among the 3600 space sectors policed by the Green Lantern Corps. The sector is what is known as a proto system, meaning it is in development. Of all the sectors in the galaxy only Sector 666, the lost sector, contains less life. Regardless, even a sector in development needs protection so corps members were recruited from neighboring sectors until sentient life evolved and was deemed worthy to join the corps.

A Defining Moment

The Green Lantern responsible for sector 3559 fell in battle with Nekron so the green lantern power ring that had belonged to her sought a new wielder. In the vastness of this sector of space only one planet supports sentient life, Riiliin. For hundreds of years it had been hoped that the ring would choose a Riiliinian bearer, but always the people were found to be too self absorbed to summon the necessary will to wield the ring. The people and planet were rejected. Zaoknox was born on this planet, when he reached adulthood he became a great athletic sensation. As is true in most cultures, such natural talent came with fame and adulation. His recruitment to the Green Lantern Corps, however, as sector 3559’s Green Lantern overshadowed all his other achievements. Zaoknox vowed to the Riilliinian people that the hundreds of years of hoping were over and that, by becoming the strongest green lantern of all, renown would come to their planet and their sector . Zaoknox went to Oa and trained day and night, becoming obsessed with his goal to become the strongest. The only time he stopped his training and studies was to conduct his monthly patrols of sector 3559. Zaoknox spent time in every other sector learning skills from anyone willing to share their knowledge; masters of strength, concentration, endurance and all other disciplines. Several occasions arose that prompted Guy Gardner to enlist the assistance of Zaoknox on official Honor Guard missions due to how great a tool the rookie had become. The relative absence of activity in sector 3559 allowed the young lantern freedom to "moonlight" all over the galaxy.

Tragic Arrogance

On one occasion Salakk was briefing the honor guard on a mission into the unknown sectors to arrest Bolphunga and bring him in for interrogation regarding a dead corps member. Seeing an opportunity to outshine honor guard members, Zaoknox lied to salakk telling him the monthly patrol of sector 3559 had been completed. During the mission the young lantern did indeed outshine the others, rushing ahead to uncover, incapacitate and ultimately capture the giant warrior. Guy Gardner expressed great displeasure with Zaoknox's impatience and inability to follow orders. Guy forced the rookie to remain behind to gather trace evidence rather than triumphantly return with the captured prisoner, saying in parting "the corp serves the universe and you serve the corps... not the other way around". Dispondant, Zaoknox did as ordered but when back in Guardian space was meet with a recorded SOS from green lantern 3559.2, Baly. He wanted to know why Corps backup had not been requested when Brainiac was observed attacking the sector during the monthly patrol. Zaoknox arrived in sector 3559 to find Baly dying and the entire planet of Riiliin gone. The last word Baly said was "Brainiac" and his ring flew off to find a replacement sentient. When called before the guardians for dereliction of duty Zaoknox begged to stay a lantern. He vowed he would prevent other worlds from falling to Brainiac or any other force that does not respect life. The guardians declined the request and attempted to strip the ring from the disgraced rookie, but the ring refused to be removed. All the extra training and conditioning combined with this new sense of loss and commitment to duty were augmenting an unbreakable willpower that even the guardians could not overcome. Zaoknox told them "the corps serves the universe and even if you don’t want me to... I serve the corps" and flew off.  

To Earth

Zaoknox followed a trail of dead planets and half digitized worlds and ultimately caught up to Brainiac on Earth. The former lantern began fighting immediately but quickly realized that no single being was capable of defeating a force such as Brainiac. No less determined, Zaoknox began partnering with any one of the new heroes that had emerged on Earth to take out critical Brainiac units. During one such raid on the Island of Themescara, Zaoknox met a tiny hero unlike the others. Her name was Lisianthus and her tiny body held incredible power. She could manipulate life force to heal any wound and protect anyone around her. The two of them were successful in turning back a wave of Brainiac forces attempting to overcome the Amazons and gain access to the Shadow Realm. Over the next few weeks Zaoknox and Lisianthus teamed up for many such battles against forces of Brainiac and others that threatened the people of Earth. But justice had still not been satisfied with Brainiac still assaulting the earth. Lisianthus had been equally impressed with the emerald powerhouse and made overtures for him to join her league the Blackguard Saints. Understanding from the mistakes he made with sector 3559, specifically that everyone needs help the invitation was accepted. During Brainiacs entire invasion of Earth the green lanterns never came to intercede as they had during numerous other assaults on the planet because a war with the Sinestro Corps was raging and there were no Lanterns to spare. Zaoknox was unaware of this until Guy Gardner sent a message requesting backup to Oa to prevent a prison break from the Oan Sciencells. Zaoknox recruited 3 members of the Blackguard Saints to rush to Oa, among them were Lisianthus, Grand Wizzard, and 4NLegend. When the team arrived many inmates had already escaped their sciencells. Guy Gardner, unable to fight them all, had erected an energy bubble around the entire structure effectively sealing everyone and himself inside. The group of heroes fought off wave after wave of escapees until finally reaching the orchestrator of the prison riot, Krona. Krona was able to control ring energy so Zaoknox's power ring was useless against him. But ring power or not the team still would fight. Zao used a power staff gained in an earlier encounter with Brainiac to fight and despite loosing the constructs the strength gained as a green lantern remained. Krona was defeated and returned to his Sciencells along with all the other rioters. Guy Gardner was suitably impressed with the change in attitude in his former Corps-mate and gave the choice of companions a thumbs up.

Retribution or Redemption?

The final confrontation with Brainiac was inevitable and with new friends Zaoknox was sure the heartless villain would fall. The Blackguard Saints put together a plan to cut off communication between Brainiac and his attacking forces. If successful they hoped it would draw Brainiac personally to investigate. If he did arrive it would be the strength of the former green lantern that facilitated their success. The league went to the area of south gotham Brainiac had made his operations stronghold. Every street corner was patrolled and penetrating the defenses took every last one of them. When they reached the "bottled" area the powers of two of the heroes were needed to open a portal into an access and storage cube high above the ground. Grand Wizzard and Spartan used their magic in concert with 4Nlegend's strong Psychic power to open and keep open the portal while the married duo of Melina and Darkman stayed behind to watch their backs. Vox Eterna, Captain Qwark, Repulsor, Lisianthus, Miss D, Buu Man, Starkiller, and Zaoknox sneaked inside. They located a teleport to the ground level and began covertly approaching Brainiacs broadcast station but it was a trap. It had been set to ensnare the Justice League but the Blackguard Saints were a close second on the list of enemies Brainiac would like to be rid of. The team first were set against a never ending swarm of foes accompanied by Brainiacs Avatars of Magic, Meta, and Tech all of which had learned from their previous defeats at the hands of the Blackguard Saints. Luckily, with Zaoknox, the Blackguard Saints had a destructive force Brainiac had not seen with them before and it proved to be the difference. Zaoknox fought with a raw fire born of guilt and anger which left the Brainiac forces struggling to compensate, leaving time for Qwark and Vox to track the spawning pods that were producing the swarms of enemies and destroy them. With the Avatars defeated and the spawning Pods destroyed Brainiac finally made his appearance personally. The battle raged for hours and left everyone of the heroes injured and exhausted but Brainiac was forced to retreat. Even as he retreated a new threat emerged in the form of a dire warning from Batman. The Earth was still not safe as Brainiac forces, now leaderless, continued to go about attempting to complete their last directive, hordes of new villains roamed the streets, and the powers of the Shadow Realms had been unleashed on earth. Recognizing that had the alarm been raised in sector 3559 all this chaos would have been avoided Zaoknox chose to stay on Earth and a remain member of the Blackguard Saints..

Ending Ties

Not Long after the defeat of Brainiac Zaoknox found himself at odds with his new companions.  His pride would not allow him to follow orders.  He decided that his own was was the only way he could find success.  Little has been heard from him since, it is presumed he has returned to his lifeless sector to hold vigil over it and nurture it until it can birth life again.

Powers and Abilities


Hard Light Constructs: Creates sold objects of light from the imagination of the ring bearer

Hard Light Shielding: A constant energy barrier over the bearer for protection

Hard Light Beams: Beams of light focused into weaponized energy


Rifle Proficiency


Enhanced strength and duribility from higher gravitation world

Desire for revenge

Suspended Status with Green Lantern Corps

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Real Name Zaoknox
Current Alias Zaoknox
AliasesGreen Lantern, Zao
Affiliation..Jack Artists Formerly: Blackguard Saints, Green Lantern Corps
Base Of Operations.Little Bohemia, Metropolis
Marital StatusSingle
OccupationGreen Lantern Officer (suspended)
Weight104lb (47kg)
Special FeaturesFolicle like spikes instead of hair, Low density bones
Created By

Buu Man